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  1. http://www.fatnancystackle.com/ give em a call. Shawn
  2. Did you strip the coating off the cable before tying the knot? Shawn
  3. Nice job Rick and team! Congrats on having your plan come together! Shawn
  4. Great report Mark! Nice job in some tough conditions! Shawn
  5. Parachute cord is way to thick IMHO and releases will have a tough time sliding down. Use the Amish outfitter line and don't look back! Shawn
  6. Well done Matt - thank you! And thank you all service men and women past, present and future for all you've done and will do for our country! May you have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Shawn
  7. Ranger makes a great salmon net with an extendable octagon handle. Dick's carries them for around $75 I think. Shawn
  8. WTG Doug! Congrats! Shawn
  9. Sorry to hear about your mishap Chris, but glad to hear you're back on the water posting reports. I do hope you get some resolve with the lost gear. I would think your payment to the fish Gods is complete for the season and possibly next. Shawn
  10. Nice report Brian. Good luck in the rest of the derbies. Shawn
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