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  1. Nice job! Great to get the kids a fish even when conditions aren't the best. Total Chaos
  2. Try this, I'm sure it would work. http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-barbed-tube-fittings/=ss9kzb Total Chaos
  3. I used to put my Crestliner Sabre 22ft Hardtop I/O in there all the time. Never had a problem. Better have a good heavy tow vehicle though. I've seen 2 wheel drive vehicles have problems pulling out of there. That said, the only advantage to using that ramp is if you're going to fish in front of the Salmon River or Sandy Pond. If you're going to fish in front of the plant it makes more sense to launch at Mexico. Especially if the lake is snotty. Total Chaos
  4. Thanks guys, hope to make a lot more memories like this. She loves fishing. 7yrs old and she's already doing the driving while I set lines. Couple more years and she'll be setting lines. Total Chaos
  5. Thanks guys, when I'm out with Hailey she has to be the focus if I want her to grow up to be a sportswoman and enjoy the outdoors. So if I miss out on a LOC fish once in a while so be it. We all had a good time so that's all that really matters. Total Chaos
  6. I took Hailey and family out again this weekend and she got a Brown Trout. A good one that would have made the LOC board had I reeled it in. However kids come first so I let her do it. The fight took 10 minutes but I only showed the end because of the file size. Total Chaos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfmzW9BNnyo&feature=youtu.be
  7. You should be able to get 200ft of copper on it. That will get it 45ft down. Total Chaos
  8. Why do you need a line counter? You put out the entire 450' so you know how much is out there. You'll save money right there by not buying a line counter reel. I use Okuma Catalina 55 wide spool. I think a Penn 345 and a Tecota 800 will work as well. My Catalina isn't a levelwind but it's never been an issue on my boat. Total Chaos
  9. I run Amish boards. Last week I ran a 2, 5 and 7 color core and in the past I've run a 5, 7 and 10 color cores with no issues. Had Otter boats years ago before the double keel and never liked them. Total Chaos
  10. Rich, I think I will be there Sunday. Either way, next time I'm up I'll bring it with me. Brian
  11. Rich, I see I never posted the picture I took. It's a short 18" or 20" cord. I just added a pic. Brian
  12. Big Papa sports. I think it www.bigpapasportfishing.com Total Chaos
  13. Anyone need a shore power cord. Like new condition. $15 plus $5 to ship. Paypal preferred. Total Chaos
  14. I just set up a new to me boat and I also wanted to go with a track system. The 6 boats I had before this all got bolted to the gunnels except my Trophy which I used the recessed rodholders to mount everything. That said, I'm glad I went with a track system on this one. Much neater and it gives you a lot of options for equipment. I went with Traxstech. I know there's others and someone will have a good reason why not to use Traxstech and to use one of the others. I can tell you the Traxstech are quality made and they look great. They seem to be built tough. From what I read they have great customer service. I don't know because I haven't had to use it. I bought their tracks, rodholders and there swivel bases for my riggers. All of it is good quality stuff. I did however by Berts ratcheting Dipsy rodholders because Traxstech was to pricey for me. The Berts are nice rodholders. If you go to the video section on this site I had put a video up under first shot at editing gopro footage. You can see my track setup in that video. The entire setup cost me around $800 and that includes the tool/cupholder and short track with rodholder on the transom. As far as the boats, I bought a Baha with twin ob's. I love the ob's. My boat had a bracket which is nice because it gives you the extra room in the back of the boat. I had looked at the Coastals and didn't like the lost space with the built in bracket but going the size you're looking at you'll still have plenty of room. Good luck. Total Chaos
  15. The 1st lot is 28 and a few mag sizes. 21 spoons for $45 plus $6 to ship. These are sold. The 2nd lot are the Mooselook Wobblers 1/4oz, 10 spoons for $20 plus $5 to ship. These are sold Paypal preferred. Total Chaos
  16. Well, if there is another Total Chaos he's an imposter. There can only be one Total Chaos and it's me! Lol
  17. Jeff, I'm not up by Rick, I'm at the same dock as last year just a new boat. The Trophy will be there as well. The guy I sold it to is docking right next to me. He just pulled it to fish Onieda right now. Total Chaos
  18. Yes, I did get a new boat. It's a 2008 Baha 252gle. Needed more room with the little one and I wanted twins for safety reasons. Total Chaos
  19. Fathers Day out of Mexico. It wasn't the biggest fish but Hailey didn't care. They all can't be derby winners. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFEAEPylERQ&feature=youtu.be Total Chaos
  20. Sunday was good as well. We didn't have the numbers that Capt. Rich did but we moved rods for 5hrs. Steelies, Lakers, a Brown and a small King hit the deck and we lost some others. The King came from 70ft down on the rigger but the rest were on the cores at 2, 5 and 7 colors. Also took them on dipsys out 75ft, and 100ft on 3 settings. Total Chaos
  21. The tires are 215x75x14 and load rated for 1870lbs. That would make it a 7000lb trailer but I know that's max so 5925. I had a 25ft Baha 252GLE on it which is actually 27 from bow pulpit to the outboards. Also Because it sits so high on the rollers the shaft might clear the support. I had a single screw inboard a while back so I have some experience with that. Total Chaos
  22. Better yet, cut a 6" x1" piece and soak it then tie it on your downrigger cable just above the weight. Works real good. Total Chaos
  23. A long ways from you. Westerlo NY. It's 20 minutes west of Albany. Total Chaos
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