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  1. LD so you are stans mystery man for april?
  2. I have the contact info for the superintendant of fisheries at work
  3. the line you are using is monophilament then? (not wire or braided line) if thats the case you probably dont need a snubber b/c mono stretches a good bit. As far as DD vs. downrigger they are two different tools that both work well. one day DD might be good. one day down rigger.
  4. http://www.allseasonssports.com/store.asp?pid=11492 here is a link to rigging the dipsy diver. No need for planer board. Dipsy planes itself with the different settings. A snubber is like a rubber band that goes between the dipsy and the lure. What type of line do you use? http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... tid=102598
  5. are you using the 4/0 dodgers and spoons off the riggers for browns in the spring??
  6. you dont need to tell me! I live with just my girlfriend and I we eat about 4 deer a year for just us two.
  7. nope iceman. I have taken 4 this year all legal. 1: muzzle loader 2:does 1:buck best case scenario I think you can take 5 with a bow tag
  8. http://www.bigjon.com/tips/tips.asp?ContentID=10
  9. Awesome!! The face at the end is great!
  10. no they are not too big. Not only will the be more visible than the inlines but you can also mount an extra flag on each one. with the mast style you can run them out as far or close to the boat as your want. I used to run inlines but on a small fish they are hard to read, not the problem now that I have the mast. I still have my inline as they have there purposes. I run a Big Jon planner mast and really like it. I bought the big Jon because it was a good deal. but I was going to get a riviera. also the riviera comes with a few different seat base options if you want to mount in from your seat base in the bow. for the mast alone figure $200-$300
  11. I have used the Dubro (similar to blacks) but had lots of prolblems. Now I use scottys at the ball and cannon stacker releases
  12. that eye isnt as old as you think (ontarion eyes can reach 10lbs in 3 years with the right conditions). the 10lbers aren't as good as the 20" but they are still tasty if you clean em up good (I soak mine in milk the night before I cook them) Johnny whats with the moose knuckle avatar? do you brew?
  13. I am about to go out on the water but I will call you late. Throw that phone in a bag of rice and let it sit for a few days. make sure it is completely dried then try to turn it on. DO NOT try and turn it on before is down drying. I have dunked a few phones my self
  14. viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7300 I do this one with brown trout also.. just leave the skin on and pull out the pin bones with a pair of hemostats. make sure you place the skin on un-greased foil so that you can pick the fish right up off the foil.. this can also be done in a 450 degree oven. If you try it tell me how it goes.
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