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    Bill, I tried Spray Nine with a brush , Simply Green ,WD40, alcohol and Acetone . Didn't seem to put a dent in it. Crazy!! (graphite pencil) JT
  2. Anyone running coated cable on a Scotty down-rigger for a DR. Was wondering if the beads for the auto stop work on the coated cable and how well the cable holds up. Thanks JT
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    Hi ! Anyone have a trick for getting pencil marks off starboard. Thought they would just wipe off,wrong. Thanks JT
  4. The last one I did I used two sheets of outdoor plywood to get the thickness. Instead of glue I coated the two side with a healthy coat of fiberglass resin then clamped and screwed together . I then fitted the new transom and drilled any holes that were needed pulled it out and made the holes a bit bigger and coated all sides and holes with a couple coats of resin to prevent any water from getting into the wood. Very strong and will last a lifetime . Good Luck !
  5. If I had to do over I wouldn't buy any reels that didn't have a high speed retrieve .(like 6:1) When running wire and copper you can have a lot of line in the water and if you need to clear it in a hurry it's nice to have a reel that will help you do that. Good Luck and Good Fishing !
  6. VERY NICE ! When does everyone get a ride
  7. could be a gasket or if it wasn't winterized properly a cracked block . Sorry!
  8. Did you by chance pull the dip stick to check your oil ? Is it milky too?
  9. Jack

    Outboard Help

    I believe they fog a EFI motor by connecting a portable fuel tank with a mixture of gas and oil and run it till everything gets coated . When you start up you engine after they did this it should smoke for a while until it burns off . They do the same thing for the fuel injected I/O's . P.S .They also put stabilizer in the mix so injectors and pumps don't gum up .
  10. Goes fast , enjoy every minute with him . Great Trip !
  11. I found a reconditioned Depth Raider on E-bay last year with a 1 year warranty for half the price of a Fishhawk . It's not a bad way to go works if money is a little thin and it works mint. Good Luck
  12. The water pump housing has to connect to the water tube that delivers the water to the block . I'm not sure, but some engines have a plastic guide tube about 2 inches long that connect the housing to the tube and some have a o-ring on the housing itself that connects to the water tube . I might check to be sure the water pump housing is connected to the water tube . Good luck
  13. Not sure how big a boat your looking at and if you troll a lot , but if you could I would buy 1 large o/b 150-300 hp and a kicker 9.9-25hp . You would save a bunch on fuel and maintenance cost . Good Luck!
  14. My boat weights in at around 3500 lbs and I have a 8hp top speed about 6mph. I would recommend one of the High Thrust kickers with electric start , remote controls and tilt. ( i fish solo a lot and it's nice to control the motor from the helm, especially in rough weather) They have a bigger prop for more bite and a lower gear ratio in the lower unit so run at a higher rpm which is better for charging . I am also a big fan of the solid mount brackets , the 4 strokes are heavier then the 2 strokes and need a pretty hefty bracket. If you mount the motor on a bracket that doesn't move you can connect it to the main with a steering link and never have to mess around connecting or disconnecting the steering.( the steering links never seem to float) I added a nipple to my water separator filter and added the fuel line from the kicker to my main tank . Good Luck !
  15. I just bought the 55L h/s from Tuna (nice reel). I would like to load with 450' of copper . Any idea how much 50lb braid I can use for backing ? Thanks for all the Great info!!!!
  16. Hi ! Going to try making some fly leaders and was wondering if I should go with the single treble or double hook set up. Also wondered about adding the rattle or not ? Thanks
  17. Is the hole in the 533ls reel guide large enough to use inline swivels ?? When I look at them online it looks kind of narrow .
  18. Hi ! On the Okuma Clarion 553 is the guide wide enough to use the inline swivels ? Thanks
  19. FYI , found this on the net The electrical systems in a marine application are also extremely specialized. In an automobile, any gasoline vapors that accumulate will readily dissipate through the bottom of the engine compartment. However, a boat with its sealed engine compartment, does not have that luxury. Therefore, any spark could literally cause a boat to explode. All electrical components in a boat are either completely sealed or specially vented to prevent such a catastrophe. This includes the starter, alternator, distributor, and many other engine electrical components.
  20. I have the Garmin 541 which has the coastal maps and includes Lake Ontario all the Great lakes and the coast. I believe the inland maps won't have the Great lakes but probably the finger lakes. Check their web site to be sure. The coastal map works great for me fishing on Lake O.
  21. I think your right on the money getting a kicker . Trolling with a big outboard is like buying a NASCAR to deliver mail . If you have the money get a High Thrust with electric start , power tilt and remote controls so you can run the thing from the helm . You won't be sorry , plus it will charge your battery while your trolling . Good Luck !!
  22. this might help http://www.championtrailers.com/DISC_BR ... RTICLE.HTM
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