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  1. Thanks for the thoughts and comments...I hope he makes it a few more years too.
  2. Despite all the food around in my yard this summer,... unlimited browse, grass, clover, plums, pears and apples , this young 7 point buck seems healthy, but awfully thin.I took these pictures early this month. There are 2 other bucks and 6 does that live here and are all in great shape compared to him. Any thoughts ?
  3. I spotted this young bear on my daily walk at about 12 noon in late august...he got pretty close to me before he sensed something was wrong... look close , definitely a male lol
  4. I'm not sure if this is ok to post here but All Seasons Sports in Pulaski is having a great sale on almost all their lake trolling gear...30% off all copper line, wire line (Malin and others), lead core , planers, dipseys, slide divers, down rigger cable,coated rigger cable, scotty and canon releases, probe antennaes, klinchers and lots of other gear all 30 per cent off. Spin Doctors are all $8 dollars, pro chip paddles all $10, E chips all $ 11 Total Chaos and Howie Flies are buy one get one free. 30% off Atomics flies. 50% per cent off all trolling fly material and I think 20%, maybe 30% off all trolling spoons...great sale if you are up that way...sign said the sale is a thank you to all their customers who shopped there and supported their shop this season.
  5. I stopped at a yard sale this summer , they had a bunch of tackle and spoons for sale. I started talking with the family about why they were selling the fishing gear, and they told me they like to target the lake trout,so these spoons were just collecting dust. I asked them "what do you do with the lake trout you catch"...they all replied in unison "We eat them ", "we love eating them". They told me they fillet the lakers, cube them into about 1" chunks, egg wash and rolled in seasoned bread crumbs and deep fry them. I told them they are one of a very few families I know who like eating lakers......they laughed and told me people tell them that all the time.
  6. Could the reduction in stocking of king salmon and the re-introduction and stocking of native baitfish species be tied together ?. Less predators will give their native baitfish programs a kickstart and chance to increase the baitfish numbers much sooner....not sure if the kings target the native baitfish species at any particular time of year,, but if they do that might make sense.. Or is the salmon stocking reduction just a budgetary thing $. . Wild Atlantic & steelhead survival numbers might be much better also if they preyed on abundant native baitfish species rather than the alewives which cause all those vitamin b and thiamin problems.
  7. Got a late start waiting for a rain cell to pass through, then a friends boat had mechanical issues, so I shadowed them and made shure they got back to the launch , then finally headed out to fish solo and got set up about 9 AM. Got my 3 rods set up and cruised around looking for fish. Not a ton of marks , but the fish liked my stuff...got 4 to commit, and landed 3 mature kings...16 , 19 , and 22 lbs. . All on flies in Mexico Bay less than 90 fow. I picked up a 23 1/2 pounder and lost another Monday mid-day. Saw more salmon marks the last 2 day's than I have seen all season, but still not near the number I would normally mark here this time of year. It was nice to get a "full box " of mature kings. Good luck to all.
  8. South and s0 east wind has brought lots of colder water into the bay. . Temps were getting higher in the water column this morning. Just before noon when I headed in,It was 50 degrees down 60 feet in 85 fow near the plant. Fished solo and went 1 for 2 mid/morning on mid /upper teens kings. Bronze, getting dark, male with a rock hard empty stomach... (sorry about this line through my words). Good luck to all.
  9. maybe try some shallower areas with traditional diving stickbaits or spinner rigs out of the main current and channel right now.... early/mid am or late afternoon Proft. ....good luck to you..
  10. Thanks KJL and pap... Glad you ran into some good folks out there and you made it back ok pap...Hope you get back on the water real soon ....looking forward to your reports .
  11. I fished BRB solo yesterday morning(Sunday 5/10) and had 66 degrees mid bay. North shore had lots of surface scum and floating slimy algae. I had 6 bites total : 1 perch, 1 pickerel, 2 nice northerns , landed a nice 28 " spawned out walleye and dropped another similar size eye close to the net.....only a few boats out .
  12. Have a super fishfull season...looking forward to your reports. Also..... hope you have great weather for your tournament.
  13. Good job. (btw, your neighbor Paul asked me to go on a morning shakedown run in his boat yesterday (Monday). Everything ran and worked great, just one minor hic-cup . We fished Oswego and went 4 for 5 ; 2 steelhead and 2 browns...no large fish.)
  14. Had a fun solo trip this morning going 5 for 7 on some nice sized browns that bit on sticks/boards and spoons on some leadcore. Very feisty ,good battling browns in 46 to 50 degree water . ...quite a few jumps today. Here are 2 of the three I kept: 28 1/2 inch and 26 inch ,both thick, deep and full of bait.Not sure of their weight
  15. Here's the pic of the whole fish
  16. Here's a nice size male, 14+ lbs I caught while fishing solo off Sandy Creek a few years ago....great battle! Nasty head and kype.
  17. Had to retrieve a runaway otter boat last year in rough conditions. It had the double keel on which made it just heavy enough to be slightly submerged, and barely visible just under the surface. We stood on the gunnels(gunwales) to get some height, hanging on to the rocket launcher for dear life , got lucky and somehow spotted it and got it back into the boat. It was almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Hopefully it washes up on shore and someone spots it there, retrieves it, and contacts you due to your post. I put my name and cell phone number on my in line boards after losing one a few years ago...I'm hoping I don't lose another one, but my name and cell number on them now might help getting one returned.
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