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  1. Glenn as I mentioned in my earlier post if you select the right 9.8 or 9 (one without all the frills but electric start) it may be about 90 lbs. Obviously you are free to do whatever you wish but in my own experience at least it could be a mistake getting a lower horsepower motor. Even on my 13 ft Whaler I initially had a 4 hp Evinrude and found that it was insufficient to get me back in when the high wind/waves came up. Most emergency uses happen when you least expect it so selection with that in mind you may wish to reconsider rather than being sorry later and having to get a larger kicker as I did. My 9.8 electric start Tohatsu weighs about 90 lbs. and will push my 3500 lb boat about 8 mph full tilt with more torque than my old two stroke 9.9 had Getting the right (sturdy) bracket and right length shaft are critical to performance however. By the way I use an electric trolling motor extension handle on the kicker to control the throttle and to make occasional adjustments to steering which I do with the main 135 hp motor because I sometime fish solo and don't use an autopilot. I am also able to steer with my main motor without a connection rod most of the time.
  2. I'm wondering if air might have gotten into our systems and is affecting things.
  3. I have recently had a similar problem with my Seastar hydraulic system when not trolling and underway at speed. I will be interested in any info folks might shed on the problem. I do think the little fin on the underside of the motor lower unit may to be adjusted or re-positioned sometimes so that MAY have something to do with it but I'm nor sure.
  4. Welcome to LOU Kurt and best of luck fishing out there.
  5. Familiar looking rod and reel Johnny
  6. One of the questions I have is why aren't the bunches dead ones that supposedly die after spawning in the streams ever seen or reported
  7. Nice going and congrats on the win Anthony
  8. Or if you are close to a stream that has oak trees near it place a soaked straw or hay bale in an eddy braced so it doesn't float or roll away. Thye will hang up in the bale and you can get hundreds that way. Thye can be hard to keep though and have to be kept moist or they can disappear
  9. PM it to Pete Colin on here he can tell you for sure
  10. I think Bill is right... a lot of folks want to avoid storing over the winter and want to get the full season use right from the buy but the price seems fair and it looks like a good buy for someone so to continue lowering the price may not be the best answer so I'd assess that carefully as you go along. Hopefully someone will see this as a good opportunity to get into a boat and there is still a lot of time to try it out and use it. sometimes we can overly rely on the Internet and placing the boat out where it can be seen by folks traveling by (even at a friends or neighbors if they have a better location and are willing) can be productive.
  11. A ten color 27 lb leadcore will fit the Magda Pro DX45 with about 300 yds of 30 lb Power Pro braid. A 300 copper with about 300 yds of 30 lb Power Pro will also fit. They both will be at max capacity which is good in one sense as it allows the line counter to be more accurate but you won't have room for a real long leader. It can help to put on about 275 yds of backing to free up a little space. I mentioned Power Pro specifically because some braid is coarser or larger diameter and also as you go up in lb test you can get less on there.
  12. This is what I have used for years on mine. My buddy was a VP at Yamaha and turned me on to them years ago. I had never heard of them https://www.amazon.com/T-H-Marine-MSS-1-DP-Outboard-Support/dp/B001F0IJQ6/ref=asc_df_B001F0IJQ6?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=80195681205796&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4583795269760232&psc=1
  13. I had a 9.9 two stroke kicker on my 13 ft Whaler for 20 years so I think you'll be OK When a true backup is being considered go with enough power kicker to get you back in as quickly as possible. That is the reason for the recommendation of a 9.9 hp for that 18 ft boat.
  14. Sweet! Doesn't get much better than that kind of experience with your dad.
  15. Luckily I had a really good friend who had a cottage come out and tow me back to the ramp at nearly midnight....not fun for either of us.
  16. Shouldn't be any problem just make sure if using a bracket it is made for a four stroke and supports the weight of the kicker.
  17. The best solution would be a kicker (e.g. 9.8 or 9.9 hp). The electric trolling motor would only be potentially useful very close to shore. For peace of mind the investment in the kicker is wise. You will also save wear and tear on the big motor and save money on gas. It only takes once to experience being stranded out there and after that one time for me in 1980 I bought my first kicker and have never looked back.....I'll never be without one. A tip regarding transom weight of the kicker. It is nice to have all the frills on a kicker such as power trim/tilt etc but they add significant weight. Tohatsu makes a 9.8 that is about 90 lbs that is electric start and there may be others at around that weight but there are also ones with the features that weigh about 120 lbs or more.
  18. Do you happen t have any Sutton #71's or anything close to that shape as they look a lot like smelt? Thin light weight flutter spoon 4 inches long.
  19. Sk8man

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    Try looking at it after 10 AM any morning when the sun is out
  20. Sk8man

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    Nice going Anthony. Hope to see you guys out there soon. Nothing like the Fall fishing when many of the rec boats are gone.
  21. Good luck Clark. Last time out we were seeing fish stacking up on bottom in 50-80 ft and unfortunately it was at quitting time
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