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  1. Bill is right. The fish are coloring up pretty good now and the matures are probably starting to stack up inside and folks may mistake them for lakers and they may be hard to get to hit as their feeding response may now be diminished and water temp may be irrelevent but sometimes if you bug them enough by using active highly colored lures and trolling back and forth over them you can entice them to hit out of aggression the younger ones are a different matter and they may be running out with the steelies out deeper.
  2. I usually figure on double the reported buoy information and it tends to be closer for whatever reason.
  3. Oh wow. That's a shame. May be quite awhile then as he is up in age (like me) and it takes a longer time to heal than when younger.
  4. You never know about this stuff and the excitement is what he'll remember always regardless
  5. Thanks John... Its fun ....great bunch of folks on here.
  6. Yep John but it was worth busting him about. We have known each other since our teens
  7. Nope. Just lives there does it from his home. Great guy and very reasonable pricing on his stuff.
  8. Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891. 607 535 2390
  9. Didn't have a camera with me but checked out north end Canandaigua just now. Water level high but not disasterous. Spoke with a couple of Bass guys fishing from their boats in the marina they said quite a bit of debris and some logs floating around out in the lake.
  10. As far as drills go the Bosch Hammer Drill is very beefy. I have used one for years with my ice auger and a lot of guys use Dewalts. I have had the Makita and Ryobi's and they weren't great.
  11. Nice going Mike best report I've heard in awhile. Couple friends out today never moved a rod from early Am til about 4 PM, Same yesterday.
  12. Really tough from Rochester to Sodus to put a good day together right now no matter how far out you go. Skippies are absent as well. Wondering whether our northern brothers are doing anything over there?
  13. This is a good example of the personal preference issue which threads through many discussions on here. You have two different views by very experienced fishermen that each have good reasons for their views which reflect their own experiences with both types of line and they prefer one over the other the other. In short, there is no "one size fits all" answer to this as it comes down to what you feel more comfortable with, or may have had better results with in the past. So it basically comes down to either trying out each and making a determination based on their performance in your situation, or "winging it"
  14. Sounds as though you may be referring to Owasco but I wouldn't generalize that to all the Finger Lakes (e.g. Keuka, Seneca, or Canadaigua for example) I night fished fished those lakes 50 years ago and the sawbellies were attracted to the lights in huge schools and we got our bait to fish that way. There is less bait now than back in those times and that holds for each of those lakes mentioned. Seneca has bait but not the predators munching on it but I remember herds of bait that would literally run for miles from bottom to surface on each of the lakes I mentioned on my graph recorder.
  15. The majority of stress and rubbing of the wire should be at the tip
  16. I just wish we could clone his wife; especially for the boat driving ability
  17. Not so much worry there only about getting Popeye arms
  18. Luckily the fleas have been pretty spotty this season thus far but it will only take one experience of a dense concentration of the fishhook type fleas while reeling in a king or steelie to fully appreciate the comment.
  19. Yes Mark always seems on top of things there and it is really appreciated....great public service
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