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  1. I don't know who has been following the news lately but the entire US supply and distribution chain has been disrupted by the shortage of truck drivers, and the fact that there are hundreds of gigantic container ships parked at anchor off Los Angeles waiting to unload.. (may be weeks to months) and .it is jammed up worse than ever seen. This may not be the time to be thinking about potential discounts. If you can get something now it may be the time to do so. Same applies to Xmas gifts.
  2. Not too late in season; a couple things are going on : a) the water temp is higher than usual right now and things are behind normal in general for instance the foliage on the trees. October and November can be real good normally, and b) the lake is turning over with algae all over the place suspended in the water column. We need some much cooler nights to bring down the water temperatures and a lot of the algae will disappear too. The smallies are suspended out deep where the temps are right and where most of the bait is right now. Nice one by the way. hang in there as the fall season is just getting ready to start the lake still thinks it is summer.
  3. Great rig Wally ...but...... now you don't have any excuses for not catching fish
  4. I guess the saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" applies here
  5. Yeah I used to fish the one at Adams Basin too and just bass. Years ago the one at Newark had a lot of northerns and walleyes and a couple years ago I talked with a guy who had a cottage over there and he had been getting walleyes of his dock so the northerns may still be around. I used to get a lot of northerns on bait (shiners and fatheads) near the spillway in Lyone right on Rt#31
  6. Another place to try: https://www.mapquest.com/us/new-york/widewaters-area-canal-park-406745851
  7. The mentioning of Bayluscide is a little misleading. It is actually an additive to TFM which is the main treatment chemical. Bayluscide is readily absorbed by the sediment layer. Bayluscide has also been used on small bodies of water to control Zebra mussels but it is too expensive and impractical to use on large bodies like the Fingers for that purpose. It is also mentioned by DEC that it will "improve fishing" but it should be noted that it will take YEARS before significant impact will be seen because the treatment has no impact on the juveniles and adults roaming the lakes. https://umesc.usgs.gov/documents/publications/2003/dawson_a_2003.html#:~:text=Bayluscide is an additive to TFM that increases,(2'%2C 5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide)%2C the active ingredient of Bayluscide%2C degrades Wondering if maybe they treated the Keuka Outlet in June and now doing Catherines?
  8. Canandaigua was 66 on surface yesterday and Cayga may be just a tad higher The colder nights recently and the rain have brought the temps down some.
  9. The above video from 2009 is just about as funny and is more like a "caricature" depiction of the process. Well intentioned and there probably isn't much out there in the way of videos but serious copper folks would have some concerns about the thoroughness of the description of the actual process when done right including the hand motions and various specifics of the technique etc.
  10. Way to go John looks lie the pier stuff may be happening
  11. The advertised max drag on the Squall II LC is 33 pounds which is unreal if correct
  12. You might want to scuff up the existing paint slightly with something like Scotchbright though so the new will adhere properly. Just enough to dull the existing finish.
  13. Good advice and always good to be on the safe side.
  14. The Whaler is probably the safest boat but the Parker is in a class all by itself and it would be my choice out of all of them. They hold up well, have a lot of open space in the back, cut through the water beautifully, have a first class cabin/hardtop and on and on. On the downside they are expensive and you seldom see used ones for sale For 20-30 grand you'd probably be looking at one with some age. I wouldn't worry about the hull on either the Whaler or the Parker but older engines are the question mark.
  15. Great post Bill and hats off to Justin. Those fillets look wonderful Bill....I'm salivating. I ate my last eye a couple weeks ago... just perch left now but that isn't too terrible a problem I guess
  16. Just not sure if there is a difference maybe not. Good luck with it.
  17. I'm not a lawyer but it shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't name your jigs or business something like Mustad Jigs. The brand name is registered but the product itself can be used as a component in other products when you legitimately buy the hooks retail at least not sure about wholesale.
  18. Sk8man

    Sold / Closed Proline 230 WA $6,500

    You're very welcome. Best of luck with the sale. I've had a couple freinds with that same model boat and they fished very well.
  19. I have 4 riggers but only run the 4 about ten percent of the time and that is usually in the Spring while in shallower water where i wouldn't be running divers or Seth Greens. I figure the more weights in the water the more turbulence and chance of spooking fish. Even when running four most of the action comes on one or two riggers so I figure maybe that is telling me something
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