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  1. Thanks for the report Dave - good to see the kings making their way east this early
  2. I bought a transducer from them. I had it in just a couple days. No issues. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. All look happy. Nice job Dave. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Nick - you will really enjoy Black & Blue in Pittsford -a bit pricy but excellent!!
  5. I'll take them Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. There are 29 Amberjacks with V drives. They are a bit more pricey. Checkout Yachtworld.com. My humble opinion would be a 29 open for the same money Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Skunks off - nice job team - the Green Dolphin strikes again... I think Ellie is the good luck charm
  8. Anyone on the radio having any luck this morning? I'm heading your way ~ 1300 today
  9. Look forward to your reports in the morning. I can't get out until tomorrow afternoon. Good luck
  10. Do any of you have experience with using clamp on rod holders for divers? I was considering using them on my hardtop tubing. Which brands are strong enough to hold the weight?
  11. Nikon Slug Hunter - a perfect shotgun scope!!
  12. Good luck!! I'll be out this afternoon. It looks like it has been lights out for you this week. Keep the daily reports coming.
  13. I'll trade you 2 bushels of crabs for it?? I can't believe you haven't had a hit yet
  14. Excellent report and gald to see they turned on Sunday - nice work!! Whats the term "never leave fish to catch fish" I think many of us did just that last weekend
  15. I'm glad to hear the good stories from yesterday - I took my 1st skunk of the year and was beat to death to add insult to injury!! The only fun we had was watching that pink rod in the next boat over bent over it seemed like the entire morning...
  16. Welcome back Nick. Orange has been the steelie color for me this year. Enjoy the reports.
  17. I have a 225 Merc with more than 2000 hours on it most of which are below 1000 RPM. I have put 1 set of plugs in it since 2007 and she trolls just fine. I can only speak for my experience and have heard the same stories about never trolling with a 2 stroke. Depending on lake conditions I may have to throw a bag out to slow me down but that is rare. Good luck.
  18. Agree - check out Defender Industries - Lowrance has really good mail in rebates right now
  19. Bottom-Feeder is spot on - laker killer!!
  20. I have a lake troll and a easi troll both in very good condition 70 each
  21. (1) Lake Troll and base $70.00 (1) Easi-Troll and base @ 70:00 Both are in very good condition W/ 150' wire / ready to fish - 585-794-0880
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