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  1. I'm available during the day work nights. I'm down near greenleaf rd. [ Post made via Android ]
  2. I am interested in looking at these. New to this site. I live in greece and could stop over. John
  3. I thought all three of these units were only good for 200ft. I am shying away from the x4 because of cost and the fact if i loose the sensor the other 2 would be cheaper. I am a novice to this guys. I do appreciate the advise.
  4. I have been told that you can get interference if the khz reading is the same.
  5. I am in the market for 1 and don't know what to get. I am looking at the depth raider andmorr sub troll. Im not interested in the fish hawk. Would just like feed back on these 2 units. Thanks
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