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  1. These are 8 lbs used very little 2 eyelets and coated black. Going to electric riggers and need 12lb. $50. for the pair.
  2. Not sure where to post. I found a Stearns life jacket today east of sandy creek launch on the parkway. If you lost it out of your boat message me and let me know what color it is. John
  3. The riggers can be bought New for 570 each. Same price you are asking for used. I would be interested In two if they were discounted being used.
  4. I have heard nothing as far as a warranty or customer service. Reliability of a product is worth a lot in its self. People I know who have a fish hawk have had good service. I myself thought it would be cheaper givin new product.
  5. Just checked it out. Now lets see cost and warrenty. Looks interesting.
  6. He is a sales man by the sounds of it. Of course the fish count is up
  7. So am I. How much might this be and how much testing was done on it?
  8. Ok guys what r your thoughts. If this is installed on a ar your mag would be fixed. This is what I have found out so far. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. This is disturbing. I have also heard that assalt rifles will have to be sent out every year for balist test eash year. This info came from a reputable gun shop in rochester. [ Post made via Android ]
  10. Very nice deer. Tough this time of year [ Post made via Android ]
  11. Great deer congrats. Ny has some great hunting and fishing. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. Great mounts. I must be lucky. My wife is going to let me put it in our main room with some duck mounts already there. [ Post made via Android ]
  13. Nice buck ray. Keep the stories comming. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. Nice to see it is a family affair that has done very well. Nice deer. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. What a Saturday morning. About 8:00 I see this rack 50 yrds in front of me in the thick brush. All I could see was horns. For the next 30 minutes all I could do was see him move in a 10 yrd radius or so in all the brush. Wouldn't come out. All I am thinking about was the bucks in the past that got away. Including a nice 8pt I knocked down 2x last yr on opening day that wasn't found. Well time came and when he did come out he was moving. It took 2 shots but put him down. Let me tell you what a relief off my shoulders that I have something for the wall. He was a fighter broken tines gouged face. But a nice 12pt. [ Post made via Android ]
  16. Thanks for the input guys. My neighbor ended up pulling t bc e traps a long the roadway before season. Its been good so far. Have to post the buck I got. [ Post made via Android ]
  17. Hey Brian aren't those the deer you hand feed. [ Post made via Android ]
  18. I hunt a area of land that i own that is west of sandy. I have a neigbor that has been trapping for years. This year he has decided to trap the abanded roadway between our propertys. 2 yrs ago we went before the town to have it shut down for better hunting. Now he telling me that trapping shouldn't effect the hunting because he travels on a 4 wheeler while checking the traps EACH day. This property and neighboring property has produced 4 160+ bucks the last 4 yrs that have been shot. This year i am not seeing a whole lot except a few does and small bucks. What do you guys think about trapping? Thanks
  19. Great buck. [ Post made via Android ]
  20. Hunting now saw 3 buck this morning driving to kendall. On way to stand 2 different deer blew at me. 6:05. Was in stand by 6:15. Had doe cone right back at foot of stand 10 min later. Since then 2 more doe and piss buck I watched. They r all browsing. [ Post made via Android ]
  21. Me and a buddy got 9. I didn't shoot well. 6 woodies. 1 black. 2 mallards. Couldn't get geese to decoy. Saw hundreds of woodies. [ Post made via Android ]
  22. It's going to be good duck weather. Wish the rain came sooner. With the high winds don't forget to given extra lead with the shot. Post results tomorrow. [ Post made via Android ]
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