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  1. If you are going to hunt, I found using a discharge bolt to be extremely beneficial. You can shoot it in the ground or into a hay bail which I prefer because there is no dirt to clean off.
  2. You need to get a target rated for crossbows and a puller. The friction as the bolt goes in melts the material, condenses, and grabs the shaft. I think it is a pain pulling them but it is what it is. I have a Barnett Vengeance. It was easier sighting in than my Muzzle loader. I did have difficulty installing the inverted limb which led to several conversations with Barnett trying to figure out their manufacturing practice so I could get the bolts to line up. I am (100%) pretty sure there was 2 different locations where the two totally different materials were precisely machined. All I wanted to know is which one needed to be slightly warmer so the CTE mismatch wasn't an issue for the alignment. They were not helpfull. I think customer service for some of these companies is where to hide an under performing family member that you can not fire. I thought it would be better dealing directly with Barnett, however, sometimes it may be beneficial to work with an experienced bow tech as an intermediate. I bought directly from Barnett so there was no one else. This led to some frustration until I finally got the limb attached.
  3. Not necessarily the money that would keep me away but the conditions of the lease. 18 and 22 $$ an acre is not that bad considering the acres availlable to hunt and could be split amongst a hunting group but that is kind of high considering the restrictions. Also, If I had that money, I would rather book a guide out west or in Canada.
  4. Panic here too. I let everything walk last year so I am anxious to see if the quality has increased. I have some pre rut stands and some more I think will be better for rut to put up and also some gun stands that I need to relocate.
  5. Nice pic - frame it. She has the best show and tell story when she starts school.
  6. I use seaguar red label leader with almost everything in crystal clear water attached to main with double uni knot. Break offs are very rare. Depending on the application determines the lb rating. I use everything from 6lb to 12lb.
  7. Your thread has become a daily read for me in the fall. I look forward to it as much as the Christmas lights at the top of the page. Thank you, Joe
  8. I came up with an interesting idea to take my family to Otisco lake for a boat ride with Justin. I was really nervous taking my wife and kids because they do not have my interests at my level (or at all really) and any real walleye fisherman knows that nothing is guaranteed. So I convinced my wife that it was a very comfortable ride ion a covered pontoon boat and that we would be moving around the lake sight seeing while we trolled up some fish. She did not have to reel in any fish but I would be more than willing to buy her a 3 day license and actually encouraged it. In the end she was not into that but did want to go and I even got her to get up before 3 so we could make the almost 2hr drive to get to the campground. In the end they agreed that a morning ride before the heat wave would be best. I had fished with Justin last summer and I knew that he would be the best option for me to get my family on a fishing boat and have them like the experience. So we arrived at 6 - got on the water shortly after AND could not have asked for a more beautiful morning. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and several times the lake laid down flat. We set up and ran up the lake marking lots of bait and hooks and fishing is not getting. It took a few hours but we ended up with 3 eyes and 1 large smallmouth. My son reeled in the small mouth and then petered out so my daughter reeled in the 3 eyes and then we quit shortly after. Both kids and my wife had a great time and never once asked me when we were leaving. Justin let the kids maneuver around the boat and participate whenever possible. On the way in he shared lake information with my wife because he picked up on the fact she was not too into fishing and she enjoyed that. I have never taken my wife and kids fishing and got this positive reaction before so that made my day right there - The fresh fish was a bonus. The day not over I had decided to drive up to Skaneateles and have lunch - then walk out on the pier. We left there and went to Camillus to walk thru the Sunflower Maze. Left there and drove over to Finger lakes Mall to do some shopping then cruised down the west side of Cayuga and cut over to Hector so I could buy some peaches and we got home in time for dinner. I was exhausted but it was an overall great day and it all started out with a good charter and to that I owe Justin a big THANK YOU. For anyone considering a charter and worried about comfort and accessibility, a pontoon boat set up for fishing is extremely comfortable. Put that Pontoon boat under a captain like Justin and you have yourself an enjoyable experience. Here are some pics... Sorry about the rotation - I dono why or how to fix.
  9. One of my favorite episodes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu-f9wLie7A
  10. I have two identical rods with identical line combos using a double uniknot. One casts terribly (I have to retie) and is annoying and the other casts so well, I do not know it is even there. All about the knot and how well you tie it. I use to resist it when I was naive but now I force myself to be a better knot maker. I have watched too many nice fish leave with my jewelry because of my (stubborness) negligence. Now I spend a lot of time on You tube learning new knots and practicing before I get on the water.
  11. This thread has been very educating for me. I will definitely be trying some of the ideas/approaches here. For me and my fishing partner - soft plastics fished extremely slow is how we normally smash em and we usually run a deep diving crank or spinner bait to break up the monotony. Maybe some day I will be like KVD - #fantasy
  12. I am no KVD when it comes to spinner baits but I tie power pro straight to the spinner bait. For me, it is color, size and blade shape that matter most. I only fish it close to the weeds and usually with some chop. I have never been cut off or had one break. I use a flouro for finesse and drop shot but not for high reaction bait. Like justin said, need to set your drag - for me so that when you set the hook initially a little bit of drag comes out. After saying all of this, It is not my goto as I prefer to fish slow presentations. Until reading this, I didn't know they would break.
  13. The guy(or gal) who has invested time and resources to master any fishery shouldn't be held accountable regardless of whether he is a guide or not for anyone's misfortunes. It seems like every year someone is bashing charter captains because they aren't catching them like they did 20 years ago. Are there bad apples? Everywhere & in every faction of our daily lives but don't convict someone you you don't know because you can't catch em like you use to. And if you can't help it Blame the Amish. They won't fight back. There are a lot of people that CnR fish in the pre season and think that it doesn't hurt any but I tend to disagree and I do move on if I am crappie fishing and I start catching a lot of Bass instead. There is plenty of season for bass fishing and I see no reason to beat on them in the spring time. The other down side with CnR season is that guys use it as an excuse to target toothy critters. Sustainability is what i think we are talking about. Are we (collectively) doing what we love in a fishery that can recover? If the Answer is "NO" then how do we need to modify our behaviour (collectively) to get back on track? If the Answer is "YES" then why is this thread getting so long?
  14. Looked at the picture several times thru out the day trying to decide if the 2 @~3lb smallmouth I caught yesterday, can offset the envy I have when I look at that beautiful fish. I expect to catch big bass (>5lb) while fishing for other fish in April and May and I don't like to count them as my best fish. Since season, I haven't been able to exceed 18 inches. It is nice to see someone doing extremely well.
  15. Kevin, when I read up on the Erie eye poulation this spring it was stating that less than 1% run up the rivers to spawn and the rest spawn on the shoals in the western basin. You know better than most How the SLR has a very changing river bottom. Perhaps the SLR Eyes do not need to migrate that far at all.
  16. MHO - I still believe it is with the spawn where the most damage or beneficial adaptations can be made to promote sustainability... Several of the guys on here have brought more walleye conversations to the forefront, most notably Kevin and Justin, and I wondered if there was a walleye unlimited or walleyes for tomorrow organization in NY. I did not find one. Should there be one? A group of dedicated conservation minded people to get together and work out some ideas and maybe even get lobbying body like other big organizations. The State loves the $$ aspect of the trout/salmon fishery but after that it all of the other fantastic fisheries is just frosting on the cake with seemingly less promotion. A good example is that it is still 5 pike creel limit when that is way too high. But even so, they have made some adjustments by (changing existing rules) reducing creel limits and raising minimum size in many bodies of water as well as closing stream/river sections during the spawn. Could there be more that can be done? Is there pathway to having a fishery like the midwest has. My opinion above is what I have felt is most crucial but I am definitely open to all ideas... The fish have not adapted or recovered as fast as our technology to get them has advanced.
  17. Agreed... Big City markets don't care where it come from. Justin, I never heard of such a thing. Seems like it would be hard to conceal. Could you see it on your graph? I believe you that you found it, I just can not believe somebody would be that bold on such an inhabited lake.
  18. Not surprised - Every year they pull a monster outta there but I have fished it (City of) and the experience isn't there. Venture up or down stream and you get that back. The whole river system from Lawrenceville down is loaded with muskies and tigers. The Cowanesque dam in PA stocks it heavy with musky and then end up in the river system. Access is limited unless you have a hand launchable boat. This year you will spend more time draggin it then sitting in it.
  19. I would agree as well if it wasn't a Saturday. If you do go, get there before daylight.
  20. Tman, I have the same frog and I have yet to score with it. I even bought a Heavy fast action 7' 1pc to match it so I could yank those big boys out before they wind around the weeds. My biggest bass since season opened was on a finess worm with a U-tail. I use an offset hook and go weedless. Works great for sparse weed areas and wood. Not so good for deep water or open water. Justin, I want to make it back up there just to try to catch some of those pigs that we caught at night fishing for eyes. I was impressed. Bass'n is fun... Joe
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