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  1. If you are leaving from Romulus, I would go east...
  2. Uh oh... Well, I don't recommend doing what this guy did... http://www.whec.com/news/cat-in-oven/4197164/ I never had a cat problem in the country - for long anyways. City life is a little different and I don't want my name in the paper so I just bit chhhhh about it because they don't take names and write about that - not enough time capture all of that material.
  3. I just read the rules - it looks like you don't need an observer for Friday but you better have one on Saturday.
  4. I only noticed it because it was a thumbnail on another story I was reading and I didn't know what a bimini knot was. She just started a youtube channel. I think she may have aspired to be a model at one time. She likes to fish, easy on the eyes, seems knowledgeable - give her a show on outdoor channel and I would watch it. I have watched worse.
  5. I don't think I could tie a fish knot with nails. she makes it look easy. You can't see the line but there is another youtube video up close that shows it better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1oYyRf2koY
  6. When a 61-year-old Canadian man startled a bear cub while walking his dog Sunday near Sudbury, the tiny "yelp" the baby bear made wasn't endearing. "I knew right away I was in trouble," Rick Nelson tells CBC News. "It's calling for mommy." Sure enough, the mama black bear emerged from the bush in attack mode, and Nelson, who didn't have a rock, stick, or any other possible weapon nearby, had to resort to what he knew best: boxing. His first swing at the 300-pound-plus beast hit it in the teeth, and the bear retaliated with scratches across Nelson's chest and face. Nelson, who the Guardian says is a former featherweight boxer and bear hunter, combined both skill sets to anticipate the bear's next move. "I knew it would swing first with its left, but it would really come with its right, because most bears are right-handed," he tells the CBC. And Nelson's second punch was spot-on, nailing the bear right in the snout. It was at that point the cub let out another sound and, either bored of the fight or frightened, started leaving the scene. As Nelson held his breath, the bloodied mother bear decided to follow her baby instead of bringing Nelson back to the mat. His wife, Sheryl, tells the Sudbury Star that when Nelson—who's since been nicknamed "Kung Fu Panda" by his co-workers—and the bear both retreated, "it was like two warriors backing away from the battle." Nelson, meanwhile, concedes, "I really lucked out there," adding that black bears really aren't that dangerous unless you mess with their cubs. The Ontario government concurs, noting on its site that the bears usually stay away from humans, per the BBC. (A Boy Scout leader fought off a black bear last year.) http://www.newser.com/story/227668/black-bear-tangles-with-the-wrong-ex-boxer.html?utm_source=part&utm_medium=usatoday&utm_campaign=syn
  7. I have a 36qt pelican that I got for 200 on clearance from Wally world. It was comparable to a 500 version yeti. Used it once when I vacation. I have a 36qt 5 day for 20 I got on clearance from Wally world. Use it all the time. I have a 28qt 5 day for 15 I got on clearance from Wally world. Use it all the time. I have various other ones some larger that I use for bait storage. some are soft packs. What do you need? Once you know that, your options are endless... Don't overthink it.
  8. The lake looks super flat - I like it when it gets that way. My beagle sleeps the same way - she is too old to jump up on the couch so I save some of my dirty clothes for the floor so she can sleep on them.
  9. In my experience, the fish digest alewives fast except for the scales. I discovered this once when my live well was full of sand after fishing a lake with a lot of alewives. After closer scrutiny I realized that it was not sand but very small scales puked up by my catch - I never found any fish in their stomachs when I cleaned them. We also find crayfish in walleyes in the river but I have never caught an eye on a crayfish or know anybody who has. I think they slurp them up and digest them slowly.
  10. Another tasty looking boat floor! I am trying not to be envious... Nice Job guys!
  11. Rockies = Keuka Hard not to catch one and they get big.
  12. Do you think Jeremy Wade could do a fishing show on this - could be a lot of drama...
  13. I am scared straight - no more skinny dippin for me.
  14. I found my first red worm ever filetting out a sunfish this weekend. I have had plenty of experiences with the yellow (I pick em out) and black grubs (ignore em) but the redworm was eerily similar to my experiences with fresh cod and haddock. This was a few inches long and very thin. I had to do a double take because I didn't believe it at first. Hard to deny it when it started moving around after I pulled it out of the meat. It makes me wonder if this is the first time I encountered one or if this is the first time I noticed one and have encountered many. Moral of the story is that I filleted over 150 gills/pumpkin seeds this spring and this is the first one I have ever seen (ever) in fresh water fish. While a lot of chefs say do not over cook your fish, I say make sure it is cooked.
  15. 2nd hand buying and selling is hard. Frustrates me greatly at times but there is always another side that I don't know about. I usually know right away if the deal is going to be made by how well the communication starts out. But even when it starts out good... then it can unravel. If a business behaves poorly the outcome is obvious. Other than ebay classifieds are a huge risk because there is no rating for buyers & sellers. I have made out great and I have also regretted it. ~50/50 I hope you feel better Fishy... Joe
  16. Fishmounter bumped it to the top. It is a nice fish.
  17. Can't all be banner days...
  18. There are a few places in the river areas I fish where there are too many bottom snags to jig live bait. This is where the walleyes are and so I use another presentation where similar to what i would use fishing for trout in the tribs where I have a float that tracks very easily and I weight it to submerge easily. Lots of times a walleye will spit out bait when he fills that line. Also why I never carolina rig when bottom bouncing. Reaction bite works better (jerk baits and swim baits) than live bait sometimes too. I usually start with that and see what happens. Different times of the years reaction bite seems to work much better for me. So to try a new presentation. It is one that I don't hear much about anymore is to drop shot with a floating jig head on loose line leader instead of tied directly to the main. This works for me when I am in the boat and it is too deep for a non slip bobber rig. Some of the techniques transcend different bodies of water but I am amazed at some of the water specific ways to target them. Kinda cool.
  19. My mind says go but my body says no. I had a blast fishing with justin overnight last year but it wrecked me for several days. You guys are stronger than I am.
  20. I am curious - how many others looked to see how far it was to this lake? It is 20:36 for me. I love your posts John.
  21. This is a great thread... There can be no wrong answer - total personal opinion based answers... (Anybody?) Remember when they use to throw out spare ribs and chicken wings. Now the ribs cost more per lb than the boneless loin and the chicken wingettes more per lb than the boneless skinless breasts. Proof that you can make garbage taste good enough to be profitable. It has happened before with fish. Chilean sea bass (not a real bass of any kind - Pantagonian tooth fish) use to be a nuisance fish. Change the name, get some chefs to promote it and boom. It went from nuisance garbage fish to $25/lb to endangered. They have people (Yups) who drink coffee (Kopi Luwak) which consists of deficated coffee beans of some sort. They have people (Yups) who eat cheese where they purposefully put maggots in it (Casu Marzu). There are many people (Non Yups) that eat rodents of all sorts (a squirrel is a rodent). Think about the ethnic group of people that snag a salmon out of the stream and proceed to take out some crackers and squirt some fresh roe on them and then endulge. I haven't had the opportunity to eat all of the salmonids but of the ones I have had, I place lakers as the worst and atlantics as the best. We all have different tastes and some of us eat things that make others of us cringe. I love turtle and I bet some of you can not fathom the idea of ever even trying it. I guess my point is that lake trout is edible - but preferred? Not in my house. As far as being a lousy chef - I do know how to make the stink go away but I am not naive. I could always learn more, however, I buy the premade pie crust and I prefer to cook a fish that already tastes good (without precautions). I don't prefer shrimp either but I will eat crab and lobster all day. AND... There is always someone who will want a lake trout. I never had to throw one in the garden. Catch em up!
  22. Any fish is prey after it hatches. I think it is a fore gone conlusion that the Goby will be part of Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca lake and canal. What that means as far as outlook is hard to say. "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome"
  23. I like to gut them then, put them on ice, give them away and pan fry some perch. To each their own. I'd rather fillet 4 dozen 7 inch blue gills than 1 nice eatin size laker. I'd rather drive 7 hrs to western Ohio to get walleyes than less then an hour to a fingerlake to get lake trout. I'd rather eat Mcdonalds - and I hate MckeeDees... I am not puttin anyone down - My Mom likes them (makes chowder). I know several people at work that like them. This thread seems to be trying to convince oneself of its pallatability. I don't hear many people asking how to make perch taste good. If you happen to be one those that likes them - good for you. Catch em up. I didn't salivate when I read these recipes posted on this thread... I did, however, salivate, drool, etc.. when I read this post... http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/58827-take-that-scallops/ Good fishing people - like I said, to each their own... Catch em up good...
  24. Italian dressing (filets Covered) bake (covered) in the oven while (fish) fresh - never frozen ---- other wise better off eating road pizza. I would love to catch one of those 30# slobs for the wall.
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