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  1. Is perception the new reality? Kings do spawn successfully The urban trolls poon other fish besides salmonids (ie. walleye) Fancy fisherman with real jobs have legally caught fish, gut them for eggs and thrown the corpses back in the river (Witnessed) You witness bad behaviour at a choking point during salmon season and you stayed there for what reason - to whine about it? Real fisherman don't fish at the falls. The only thing I read on this that made sense is to call the DEC (repeatedly) The only thing worse than deliberate rapin and pillagin of the resource is people throwing stones on this website. If people break the law out of necessity it is still breaking the law and extremely unfortunate. If someone breaks the law out pure contempt of the rules than that is vile and should be regarded in a different more harsh manner. Rant over - @Unreel - That is funny...
  2. As a kid hunting rabbits I had several times where the dogs got crossed tracked on a deer and even with me yelling and chasing after the dogs those deer circled back within 5 yds of me so I could get those dogs off its trail. They knew where I was and must have also known I wasn't after them. 1st time I thought that it was bizarre - after a few times I knew it was something more. Everytime I think maybe they are a lot smarter than people give them credit for I drive to Rochester and am reminded that they haven't learned how to cross the road safely yet.
  3. BSmaster


    Does anybody know why those corridors are so magical? You can only use them on the same body of water you collect them on anyways. So why doesn't the entire state follow this?
  4. Saturday morning I heard it going down. A farm on a hill over yonder from ours releases them. We end up with some of them when people don't shoot so straight. I don't think it was a coincidence that I didn't see any deer.
  5. BSmaster

    Decent day

    @BigMac: "Decent Day" - ? I can only assume that you are being sarcastic because if you are not I would be curious to see one of your awesome days... Nice catch - thanks for sharing.
  6. I actually enjoyed the video. At 1 point I said "there goes the rod!" (But the fish wouldn't cooperate) I am surprised that they landed it. They had no idea how to net it. I wondered where the crackers were. I thought they were going to start piling on the roe and bringing out the Starka... @Blambam88: Ignorant people do that regardless of what they are or where they come from. Before the end of the season someone will berate the PA brethren. Just like every highschool has its "Breakfast Club" so does every culture. I think the smug people annoy me more because they should know better.
  7. I have seen gulp ones just about everywhere. They come in 1in and I think 3 inch. The actual soft plastic ones I picked up at Bass Pro this year. It was not a name brand I recognized or remember but they had different colors all the same shape. You have options: http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Hellgrammite/product/1305230801412/
  8. BSmaster

    Keuka perch

    Good, Bank Fishing, and Perch is a hard combo to achieve at Keuka. You have the state Park in Branchport and the town park in Hammondsport. No guarantees what you will catch or how much or how big but you should be able to catch something at either place. I am inclined to believe you will be disappointed.
  9. The have plastics Dobbies now. I use the real thing most of the time but I have used the substitutes and they work good. Live ones smell bad and i think that when you jabb them with a hook it lets all that scent out as fish attractant. Frogger is right. Blindly stick your hand into the bucket to get yourself one. The best way. Also, I heard $9 a dozen last year. Is this true?
  10. What I think will happen is that the stores will become more generic and this sounds bad at first but I also believe this will open a lot of opportunities for small time entrepeneurs to fill special niche voids. Bass Pro carries one thing that I only get at Bass Pro and Cabelas carries one thing that I only get at Cabelas. Everything else I have found elsewhere. Amazon is being smart in realizing it can be the conduit between manufacturer and consumer without an outfitter inbetween. I think other online outlets will also become more popular regardless of what big box stores do. What I find really disturbing is that the stores becoming more generic means when you make a special trip and they do not have an item you want to look at carefully before purchasing you wonder why they even bother having a store in the first place. Been burned by Auburn several times. I am not going to lose sleep over it.
  11. Steve Martin shot. I hope someone gets her (soon). This is a prime example of what makes non hunters not like hunters/hunting.
  12. Soon as he mentioned balance, I was hooked. Very well written... This entitlement idea is interesting in itself. How is NYS going to react if people decide not spend money on this fishery given that they perceive the state isn't putting resources into it? In my mind the cuts go deeper than just the charter businesses. How comforting will it be for businesses to know that if you can make it for a couple of very bad years it will be great again? Will the lenders understand? I am not going to comment on the fish biology because I honestly don't know but the psychology of it is simple. People will make the trek and spend money when it seems that is is good and will stay away when they think it is bad. So in essence, I feel bad for everyone depending on the salmon (directly or indirectly) for their livelyhood. The picture being painted is not good. Hopefully, I am wrong. Maybe the picture will look better next year and everyone will be excited to experience what Lake O has to offer.
  13. I got some envy too... That is a nice catch.
  14. I am guessing that area has a good catfish bite after a storm...
  15. Well if they don't spawn in Dresden then maybe they are getting married there and the Honeymoon is in Catherine.
  16. Gonna give it a try Saturday - I think I am gonna hunt the acorns. Anybody going after apples or Ag fields?
  17. My last pin is set at 40 but I was shooting natural feel at 50 and shooting 80% in the kill zone. The likely hood of me ever using this distance is nil. feeling comfortable with your shot selection is important to me. Wounding deer may seem like part of the hunt to some people but it it affects me deeply and I remember every deer I wounded and didn't retrieve. To me that is disrespectful and that is why I try to be more responsible about my shot. Does it still happen - sure, but I don't take it lightly. I shot a few arrows at 60 and even though they hit in the right spot I saw them do some funky movement in the last 10-20 yards, so to me this means that even open field I would not try this with my set up. Most of my situations are set up for a 20 -30 yd shot and this I feel is pretty predictable (high confidence). I saw the guy on bone crushers shoot a pronghorn at 60 yds at last light in high wind and it made me cringe. He killed it. The dogs ate it. He is proud of it. Same episode same guy shoots a muley in the back of the back. I don't watch the show too much anymore. Another (different) show, woman sees the biggest buck she has ever seen hunting and the shot was just outside of her comfort zone and she let it walk. I was more happy that they filmed that than all of the other shows I saw this year combined. Clint Eastwood: "A man has to know his limitations"
  18. Is that kind of like Certified Organic? When you say Grand Master I think of Karate and that would be cool to watch. "Paint scale left hand up. Paint scale right hand down. Breathe in noise out mouth - very important." I too thought that reps were more like 15-18/in depending on whether the artist was hand painting or air brushing. But with that said I do know that there are some guys doing stuff cheaper or less expensive and quality is in the eye of the beholder. The ones I know of, do it more as a hobby than a business. I am somewhat cheap and I can honestly say that I want top quality for something like this or I would rather remember it from photos and my memory and if I can't afford it so be it. I am amazed by Paul's work so I am inclined to take him at his word. Anyways, no gaurantees in life that you pay more and get better either...
  19. Nice mount... I can picture that on my wall - very nice........ I have struggled with size. For me it is about character and this is one instance where the ladies just don't do it for me. I saw a guy drag out a smallish king (18 ish) male one fall with the most beautiful kype and coloration (might have been one of those chinhos) and I thought to myself that would make a nice mount. But I would rather have a 25lb male with an angry look on his Kype (preferrably more olive than Black) than a 40lb hen waiting to get bumped. So size doesn't matter in this regard. Character 1st , size 2nd.
  20. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2016/09/11/catfish-falls-from-sky-newser/90224170/ NEWSER) – Falling catfish weren't generally considered to be one of the hazards of life in Philadelphia — until now. Lisa Lobree tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that she was walking near the city's art museum on the morning of Labor Day when she heard a "rustling" in the trees above her, and was suddenly slammed in the face with what turned out to be a 5-pound catfish. Witnesses saw a bird, possibly a hawk or eagle, flying away. The bird had apparently dropped the foot-long fish, which fell more than 50 feet through tree branches before hitting Lobree, who was left with a cut on the face. “I think it might have been head, face, and neck because I smelled so bad afterwards. I smelled disgusting,†Lobree tells CBS Philly. She adds that she can see the humor in it now, though it wasn't so funny at the time. "It could have been so much worse," she says. "What if it hit a child? It was a not a fun experience, but there are so many worse things that could've happened. It's probably one of the strangest things that have happened to me in my life." She says she did a lot of fishing growing up in Colorado and still loves to fish — but this is the first catfish she's ever caught.
  21. I guess I should clarify. I didn't know anything you said except that deer eat them in the winter when the browse is low. The trees are for my yard. If I wanted deer cover I would pick a different tree for sure. I would like to get some apple/pear trees in the near future.
  22. Box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Check Tractor supply as well. Walmart's stock is probably dead. I am waiting for Cedar trees to go on clearance.
  23. I know that spot... I always wondered why the LM in that bay have more silver and less green.
  24. I for one am not asking to be spoon fed. I enjoy the posts (w/ pics) and congratulations on finding some. Waiting for summer to knock it down a lil bit before I start trying to hit em. I prefer that people do not post skinny water catches at all and if they do just keep the information to a bare minimum. Reeleyz, don't get mad & don't apologize - just catch more and then post some more pics.
  25. There are a few shows I can not watch - most notably "Bone Collector". I like to watch them (in general) because I think it is the closest I will come to experiencing the real thing. On a different note - I finished prepping the last stand on Sunday so I am feeling good. Going to start cleaning and prepping my hunting clothing now.
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