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  1. Back of the tail gate. Look for a willing dumpster or find a place away from the houses to feed the coons and fox. Don,t dump in a pile and they won't smell as bad. I know some dump in the water but that really isn't a preferred method up here. Good of luck fishing.
  2. If you put worms on the bottom you will get a nice mix of panfish and gobies - I would stay south of the bridge. Use size 4 or smaller. Drop shot with a double loop knot might be easiest for the kids. good luck. I think catchn and not getting is most important for kids. If you fish all day and get one nice fish it is not as rewarding as constant catching of garbage fish all day.
  3. Bob, that looks like dinner was meant to happen. Good size - right species. Congrats on the boat and the fish.
  4. Starlings come down the chimney every once in a while. this is the only superstition that I follow because if it is real there is a consequence. if it is false I still got the bird out my house in a timely manner. win win. I told my cousin to leave the bananas at home and I have no idea if the fishing got better or not. Definitely not noticeable. He was surprised when I told him about it.
  5. I think the alewive dieoff is good info for the main lake. I am curious then as to why the main fish I saw floating dead or dieing in Geneva was a pumkinseed or bluegill.
  6. Seneca Fish Kill My boss asked me this week about all the little shiny dead fish in the lake. I told him the lake probably flipped fast. I couldn't find any reports on line. I noticed a lot of dead fish in the Geneva area a few weeks ago but didn't think too much about it until he asked me this week. He is closer to Rock Stream area. I know some of you guys are like the care takers of the lake and might know more details. Just curious.
  7. 50lbs of shelled field corn sprayed off the end of the dock. A few days later Fish with worms and thawed frozen corn. Should be exciting. Don't leave any fishing poles unattended without the bail open and make sure the drag is set right.
  8. I never fished gulp leeches side by side with natural ones so I can not say how effective they are in comparison but I do know that they catch fish. That would be an option for you too.
  9. That is a good question. This weekend is going to be crazy. No bass tournys but there will be a lot of pleasure boaters. I personally like Lamoka. If the cottonwoods are not shedding too badly you can cruise into the pond and it can at times be a blast down there. More LM than SM as well. Good luck!
  10. Thank you for sharing this special moment.
  11. Usually the problem is finding what they will hit when they aren't hitting anything. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may know some secrets. It is hard to say - I fish so well in my dreams.
  12. Not a tiger. Pike - Pickerel hybrid. For reference it was 22 inches and had major gerth. Not obscene but larger than I would expect from either species at that length.
  13. ESOX question I caught my first hybrid Saturday and it got me questioning. I haven't asked the DEC their opinion yet. I know what you guys are thinking - tiger muskies whats not clear. This hybrid was a chain pickerel / Northern. So my question is: How does one classify it? Not in terms of biology but in terms of conservation law. Is it a pickerel, a pike or neither? I am having problems posting pics so I can't post it but it looks just like the typical ones you can google on the internet.
  14. scarlet lily leaf beetle (Lilioceris lilii) Just learned of this pest this year when my Easter lilis usually towering were short and losing their leaves. These are voracious. I used dust to stop them. Maybe not the worst invasive species we have to deal with but if you or your spouse likes to have a nice flower garden, you may want to pay close attention to your flower beds. http://www.gardeners.com/how-to/lily-beetle/8090.html
  15. I'm all for trout, but they coexist with walleye. X2
  16. I haven't seen pictures of any in awhile but I have seen pics of them caught in Cayuga tribs in the spring in the past. I have never seen any pics of any caught on the lake. I am all for walleye in every body of water across NYS.
  17. Justin, Good info on the Marina - I never heard that before. If I am fishing near the docks I always look ahead for any fishing poles. Sometimes cottage owners set their lines and then leave the dock. They are not legal in doing so but I still want to make sure I am not infringing on their space. No sense in stirring the pot if you don't have to. Plenty of lake. It is not always about being right or wrong but being neighborly. There are some outliers but for the most part mutual respect will win out everytime.
  18. Sounds like a great trip. Congrats to everybody!
  19. Been waiting for this post. Thought you must be doing something. Congrats! Too busy this year. I will look you up in 2018. Night casting was/is a blast. Was thinking about it all weekend with those bright moons.
  20. Mark Zona talked about this. His approach is to compliment them on their property.
  21. When I was a kid we would take a piece of mister twister and cast with the fly rod from one dock to the neighboring dock. It always amazed me how many big gills were under them. If you threw a worm over there with a float you would get nothing but small ones.
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