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  1. I went fishing yesterday in a river in PA. Dead gizzard shad and lots of seagulls. It happens every year and the fishing will stink for a while. You probably still should report it so they can tell you what is happening.
  2. Use a light action rod - longer the better. For crappies I use 11ft noodle and can cast 8ft bobber set ups very long distances with little difficulty. For drop shotting live bait I have been using microlites in 6, 7, & 8 ft - light line! Some minnows cast better than others but a light rod allows you to have a better catapult action instead of a bull whip effect with heavier rods. Work on your technique - bass fishing lures gets you whipping more. Takes a little bit of effort at first but every fish season is a little different technique and I need a little adjustment period for each change. I have never used any stoppers but I think this possible if minnows are working their way off the hook but they won't help with a bull whip cast.
  3. I feel the same way (except for the hard water).
  4. I was going to say clipper fleet but when I click on their website icon it goes to eastmans... Did they sell out I wonder???. I know they were struggling somewhat with the fishing restrictions. Bulletbob, I showed your post to my wife the other night (she gave me that look). I can't find people to go with me either. I will check in with you later. Joe
  5. I think it is easy to let the 1.5 and to lesser extent even the 2.5 year olds but when you see a big 3.5yr old walk out it looks a lot bigger and that is why a lot of bucks don't mature to 4.5 or older. I saw Bill Gorman pass on a 4.5 12pt and I have no idea how he did it - it dwarfed the buck he took. I imagine next season we are going to see footage of that deer being taken. Trophy managent sounds great but I have seen Bill take cull bucks too because he was doing it for the herd. I like the idea of having mature deer all over and spikes and crotch horns are left alone. Getting to 5.5year old bucks being common place seems way over the horizon. I will stand up for the hunter's personal choice to harvest what they can legally but I want to share that I have been eating my buck tag most seasons trying to harvest mature deer. Some traditionalists don't like me hunting Doe but it fills the freezer and there are plenty of them where I am hunting. Sean, You described us with small still hunting style later in the season. We have to wait for the members that shoot everything to quit hunting and for the deer to settle down again.
  6. I am in 8X mostly. 30 years ago everyone had a crew and every parcel was hit 2-3 times a day with a push. We sit mostly now and have far fewer people in our hunting group. I think all the neighbors do the same. Those without cameras think the deer herd is hurting which is false. They don't see as many because the deer have found the sanctuaries. If you are in an area where drives are prevalent than I can see why you don't like it. Crews tend to use brown and down in their approach to deer hunting.
  7. One more thing, these 3-5 acre lots that people own (live on) and they have woods or brush for most of the lot and there is no hunting because it is too close to the residence. These are sanctuaries for many a deer and the deer have learned to utilize them when the woods are full of hunters.
  8. Antler restriction only guarantees older bucks in the herd. The assumption many make is that an inferior rack is on a younger deer. While this is often true the 1.5yr 8pt gets shot while the 6yr old 4pt walks. Even if neither get shot who gets to breed? The older deer with all the testosterone or the younger deer with the nicer head gear? These deer do not have mirrors -they do not reflect upon themselves as we do. And which deer has/had potential? I would sooner say to age the deer in the herd the best you can. This is why I am going to try game cams this year to get a better picture of the herd. Unfortunately, The hill I am on has that dam 4pt and it is hard enough to get him out in the open. It is much better to ignore the head gear and age them and then look at the head gear and see if they need to be culled or allowed to walk onto the neighbor's property to get shot. The state is loaded with a lot of ~ 150 acre parcels. I like QDMA but I have talked with several people who hunt the same herd I do and they all have differing opinions and they all are legal. I was a biologist first and I have a biologist close friend who is a liberal tree hugging type. That's right. I am still capable of loving people who don't hold my same personal views. Her opinion is a perfect rebuttal to hunter's conservation. "Predators remove the weak members of the herd making it stronger. Hunters remove the stronger members of the herder making it weaker." QDMA does say that cull bucks are necessary although there is a lot skepticism to their overall effectiveness. Also, If my 70 year old mother wants to shoot a spike so be it. I am glad she is still with me because that is what matters most. I have not lost my youth memories of deer season and the importance of venison in the freezer growing up and what it meant for us kids and how it related to Christmas. It was way more important to have something to eat than something to look at. I have made a concentrated effort to make changes but I can list a whole lot of effort with little to no progress and I can outline why. I am ok with letting 2nd year bucks walk by and eat tags at the end of the year but i think it is wrong for me to say to others that they have to do the same. Instead of legislating (my wife thinks deer season is too long), educate and reiterate. While there is still a generation of hunters out there that have no idea what management means there is a growing number of us who want something more. If you start demanding you will start seeing push back. Just educate. I envy those of you that have everything in place and are reaping the benefits of it. And if you are in that position, I can see why you want antler restrictions and shorter seasons etc... I want more better too but much rather have some venison to pair with my walleye for dinner than hold out for something that for the most part is out of my control. Congratulations to everybody who connected this year whether it was for the wall or for the freezer. Education works - So Educate. Bondouley, Deer drives are waning in popularity. Big Willy, I love your scope pics. Longspurs, Small acres efficiently managed and hunted properly can produce as long as "it is hunted properly". Unfortunately my family as whole is a failure. This thread is a great read. I love everyone's opinions and criticism (constructive of course) and seeing the successes of the season.
  9. Rob, Congratulations on a very nice deer! I love the story and adaptation for the conditions. It is a chess match that most hunters never experience. BTW - I love this thread.
  10. Nice Zinger... Of All the deer I shot at last light, it never ocurred to me what time it was. In my head it was either too dark or it wasn't. I guess the best thing to say is "last light" or better yet "late afternoon".
  11. For those of you that are bored... I found this on line today and I didn't ace it or come close to... http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/hunting/traditional-methods/deer-elk-hunting-quiz.htm?mkcpgn=i600006730&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=Elk%26Deer%28desktop%29&utm_term=usatodaydemo&utm_content=Take+Aim+at+This+Deer+and+Elk+Hunting+Quiz.+Can+You+Beat+Our+Average+Score%3F&sg_uid=dT8cVOYLSi6sLOjO1qRLnQ
  12. YUP http://www.outdoorhub.com/stories/2015/06/24/12-inspirational-quotes-hunters-know/
  13. I agree - lots of nice deer around that park. That is a beauty.
  14. I remember my first buck (crotch), 30 years ago like it was yesterday. I have shot many since then (bigger) and the details are fuzzy. Congratulations young man.
  15. One of the things I noticed about trail cameras is they always seem to be projecting outward from what they are attached to. It is kind of like the guy who puts his stand on the very edge in a tree that has no cover and wonders why he sees very few deer. Try recessing one away from the trail and covered on all sides. Take two cameras. One camera you mount high up the tree facing downward at the "bait" camera. this is how they hohned in on Bucky. He was destroying all of the cameras in the woods so they employed that tactic to get survelliance on him. Option 1 is expensive but also one I would employ - it seems as though you have serious issues to address. You could employ "wifi security cameras installed" Next to your posted signs. Sometimes the perceived threat is just as efficient as the real one.
  16. 3 fatalities in the 1st 10 days... It is sad.
  17. I have a traditions pursuit as well and last year was my first year using it and I have to tell you that it took longer for me to get it sighted in than it did my crossbow at 40 yds. I have asked people I know hwo are experienced and read reviews on line and 2 things seem consistent. 1.) Got to find the right load scheme and 2.) everyone seems to have found the right one and discounted what someone else has found to work. I am taking a trip to basspro fri. I am going to try some new things this year. I am going to try buckhorn powder with Hornaday SST as well as the 777 60g pellets with the hornaday SST lock and load. One review stated that at first he had no confidence in the pursuit ML until he found the right load and now he calls it his favorite.
  18. Nicely done Mike! Congrats! I am still waiting for my opportunity...
  19. There are some x-bow fanatics out there that claim the cross bow when tuned like a muzzy, meaning they use certain bolts with certain length and certain grain tip and type of tip can kill accurately out to 100yds. I am not one of those that put a lot into it and 40 yds is extremely accurate and I feel comfortable with that shot. After that I would probably defer. Wounding deer is extremely not fun for me. I have said it before, everybody has to know their (personal) limitations. This year my discharge bolt got all the work out - I never had a chance to make a decision.
  20. good point. Gargle with some moonshine then expectorate. I use flouride rinse. I like the peanut idea but seems like it would be loud cracking shells in the middle of the woods. Why not spray a little coon pee on your jacket? Being up wind of any animal is difficult. All the care you take to remove your scent and then you carry transfer scent from something you could not foresee (ex -gun/bow). I have been successful for relatively short periods of time but it is extremely difficult and takes an enormous amount of prep time - not worth it in my book - just hunt the wind. I am thinking about using ozone next year to help eliminate bacteria but like I said extremely difficult.
  21. Good job T-man! I recognize some familiar sights there. I am light on the pics this year. Nothing I would consider extra ordinary for me. I never broke 18 inches for bass or 6 lbs for walleye. Didn't spend time on anything other than panfish/perch.
  22. I will answer a different way. Yes, it should be safe because you are bass fishing and I can not think of weather that is not safe for a boat that you can bass fish in. Go wide beam with at least 18ft and you should be fine. I was on a super safe boat perch fishing once and the boat performed beyond expectations yet we quit because we couldn't feel our lines in the high wind. High wind days - stay in the bays. Or just attack the honey do list and wait for a better day to be on the water. I say yes but that means you make a decision not to fish when the wind is wrong for it. If you are going out on the big lake make sure you have the added safety equipment. I had spidey sense that told me to get back in the bay while the sun was shining and low winds because the waves were getting bigger. 10 minutes later came a nasty T-storm. I was in a 14ft shallow V. I felt like a bobber until I got back in the bay. My point is that the weather can turn quickly so be prepared. Good luck - boat shopping can be rewardful and stressfull.
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