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  1. I would recommend that you get out of the "combination" mindset and mix it up a little. Take a white crush glow flasher and run any of the following flys: No-see-um Green Blue black Yellow flashers work well with green flys. Try running just one flasher (white with blue) first thing in the morning 25' behind the ball in 54 degree water (use Fishhawk) on the other riggers put you favorite spoons -- DO not put white and blue spoons out -- unless they are your favorite spoons!!! Try Spoons on the riggers and flashers on the the dipsys -- I have run many consecutive, successful trips without every putting a flasher on a rigger with most big kings coming on the dipsys.
  2. When you get back out there this evening use the Moonshine Geezer and then some black and purple as the sun goes down. That white sd/green MSF will also produce. Good luck and have fun!!!
  3. That's why I take Ed with me he has a lucky horseshoe up .............................................!
  4. The res has been out of real gas for about 6 weeks now. Not only that, but gas is cheaper in Monroe & Ontario counties than the res right now.
  5. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6/29 Time on Water: 9:45 - 12:15 Weather/Temp: sunny breezy warm Wind Speed/Direction: 10-15W Waves: <2' Surface Temp: 69 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 4 Total Boated: 4 Species Breakdown: 3 browns, 1 bow Hot Lure: Moonshine Green Shorts Trolling Speed: 3-3.5 SOG Down Speed: 2.9 Boat Depth: 55 - 70' Lure Depth: 49-60' ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Got to the boat around 7 and repaired the trim tabs, put the boat back into the water, helped Ed, "bite me" with his boat repairs and futtzed around before deciding to go fishing for a derby brown. Headed out to 50 fow and tried to catch some bait, but to no avail so we set lines on a north troll out to 70 fow and flattened out on a west troll. With the autopilot in total command of the steering, Ed & I scrubbed 3 months of fish blood and guts from the gunnels and sides, behind all the nooks and hatches ect only to be interrupted when a rainbow decided to play with a Moonshine Green Shorts down 60'. We released that fish and made a turn into 58 fow where we had 55 degrees on the bottom and immediatly began to pick up browns, first on a RV Atomic Mellon down 49' then a dandy 14/14 pig on the 160' dipsy pulling a Moonshine Snack Attack, we made a turn picking up another on the Green Shorts down 55, trolled another 20 min. and noticed that the temp was now 69 degrees top to bottom so we called it a day.
  6. Absolutely not. Talking GPS SOG (speed over ground) 2.7- 2.9 is optimal under most conditions--whether pulling spin doctors, spoons or both. Don't overthink it. Concur with Paul............get the boat moving between 2.5 - 3 and then put your effort into finding a trolling direction where all the lines are straight behind the boat. You will get most of your hits when lines are straight or just after turning off straight. The more directions that you can get "Straight" the better your day will be, but currents are in control of this -- not us!!
  7. I will be careful what I say here because my experiences with downriggers and factual comments have been censored in the past. I used a Certain brAnd of dowNrigger for 25 years aNd watched as the cOmpany weNt from a made in the USA, stand behind what you make machine shop to a total big corp sellout. (IMO) I tried Big Jons for half a season but "I" did not like them (nor did I enjoy ordering parts for 1 month old riggers) I switched to the toasters (Scotty's, they look like a kitchen appliance but it ends there) and have had them on the boat for about 5 seasons and I like them. When you approach 1000 hours you should keep get a spare counter on board other than that no problems at all. A big plus for me is that they are "Stupid easy"!!! (Even replacing the counter)
  8. Google "vinyl lettering" or "boat names" I had 4 large names done and it only cost me a little over $100, the more you do the cheaper they get, but still not very expensive and quick turn around. Otherwise follow "Stinger's" advice. Duct tape will just attract the "buffy" element........................if you know what I mean!
  9. Science Teacher!! We'll need to discuss String Theory when you get some time. You know.....wire vs copper vs mono! You will have to wait 3 months till I can think again, brain is disengaged and I'M GOIN' FISHIN'
  10. The Moonshine Carbon 14, Double Trouble and Bad Toad shine like lanterns and the pre dawn fish slam them every day. I don't think too much glow turns them off any more that too much flash or too much white can turn them off. You can turn down the glow by running glow purple(nurples, bruisers), blue (Snack attack, Razor Burn, sliver anchovey), yellow (Highline, Leopard) or red (TNT, Midnight special) instead of glow green, but day in day out the glow green produces! Put a diagonal strip of purple glow tape on the Carbon 14 and see what happens!
  11. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6-20 Time on Water: 6 pm - 9 pm Weather/Temp: cool (relative to shoreside)& sunny Wind Speed/Direction: 10 SW Waves: <1' Surface Temp: 67 Location: Point Breeze LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 13 Total Boated: 8 Species Breakdown: Brown, Kings, Steelhead Hot Lure: Moonshine Mag Green Jeans Trolling Speed: 2.7 Down Speed: 2.7 Boat Depth: 60-180 Lure Depth: 52 - 93 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Headed out with a couple of fellow science teachers and their daughters to get some relief from the heat and catch a fish or two. Began to set up in 60 fow and set the first rod at that same depth as I prepared the temp probe to go down. I figured that the cold water was gone and warm water had moved into the shallows. This was confirmed before I even got the probe in as the first rod fired and a nice brown came to the net, the probe concurred with a 56 degree reading at 65'. We did a north troll choosing not to beat up on the browns and found a little spot in 180 fow to circle and pick away at a nice mix of Kings and bows. Here is what was working: Moonshine Green jeans mag 60', 93' Moonshine Geezer 52', dipsy 140' Moonshine Purple Nurple mag 65' Sort of stayed with this pattern all evening, the fish quit biting these around 7:45, but we didn't care and did not switch them out to the low light colors (Carbon 14, Purple geezer, Bruiser) Fun just having the dads and their daughters out and enjoying the summer sun set!
  12. Ray, The last 15 moonshines I got, I bought from Captain's Cove for $7 each, if you want the crabface, you are going to have to break down and buy them. Catch me at the dock and I might be able to summons up a purple nurple for you!!
  13. Got a feeling there was a little moonshine'n on both ends of the rod!!
  14. Ray, I went out tonight and decided to give it a try. My buddy Ed on the Bite-me was getting fish on his dipsy 115' out dialed 3. Not knowing any better, set in my ways and being the dumb redkneck that I am; I set my dipsy at 115' out dialed 3 with the same MOONSHINE RV Crabface that he was running. I got to 100 yard off his bow and he told me that he just hit one on his dipsy then as we were beam to beam, I hit one on my dipsy. Now I know Ed uses those silver shimano reels while I use the black garcia ones, not only that but I had just trimmed 15' of curlys off of my reel so I did not have a full spool.................... But it worked just the same. From all of this conversation I can draw only one conclusion......................... .................THOSE DANG MOONSHINE CAN BE ANYWHERE IN THE WATER AND STILL CATCH FISH!!!
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6-18 Time on Water: 6pm - 9pm Weather/Temp: sunny 84 Wind Speed/Direction: E/NE 5-15 subsiding to 0 Waves: <2' Surface Temp: 64 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 15 Total Boated: 9 Species Breakdown: 4 kings, 2 steelhead, 2 browns, 1 laker Hot Lure: Moonshine Geezer Trolling Speed: 3 Down Speed: 2.7 Boat Depth: 50 - 100 Lure Depth: 40 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== With the fish so close to port, I figured I could get out and get a little practice without wasting much fuel. Called a friend told him to grab his kid & I grabbed mine and my dad and off we went. Found the lake giving up solid 2 footers out of the north east, but we headed out to 65 fow and set up on an east troll. My good fishin' buddy "Bite me" had a head start on us and had some fish located in 100' off the glass house so we headed that way. He informed me that the fish were hot on his 115' dipsyspulling a MOONSHINE RV Crabface on one side and the MOONSHINE geezer on the other side and at 41 feet ....finally...another boat that spoke the language that I understand!! We did not hit a fish till we reached the flats and we began to work that area, the lake calmed right down by 7:30 and the fishing went from a fish per pass pick to rods popping like corn in hot oil!! The best double came with this fish story.... we made an inside turn and the 300' copper Pulling a MOONSHINE Window Carbon began screaming on the port side. I just got the 13 year old Josh settled into fighting the fish as my 12 year old son, Landon was setting the starboard out down with a green geezer tied on to my Penn 550 saltwater spinning outfit, stopping the ball at 38'. He no sooner turned around and that rod doubled over. I handed the small rod to Ted and as I did I noticed a fish swirl off the PORT beam!! I yelled at him to reel fast as I grabbed the port dipsy and tucked it safely under the 12 pound mono leading to the out of control fish that now was off the port BOW!! CHILDREN DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME -- I asked Ted for the rod and with all the grace I could muster climbed on the gunnel and went topside, dipping the rod toward the fish as she blistered across the surface of the lake now off the STARBOARD bow. Not an issue as I was now standing on the bow pulpit, spinning reel in hand fighting the fish off the front as 13 year old Josh fought his screamer of the back!!! I got my fish under control and back around to the port stern handing the rod back to Ted to bring the salmon to net. As the fish hit the floor, I looked up at my son who has a big grin on his face and says, "Guess I picked the right lure for that one, didn't I?" That was worth the trip for me!!! Other then the lures already mentioned the all of our fish came on Geezers in these locations: - 3 color - 47' slider - 47' - 115' dispy - 40' dipsy Lots of fun in just a few hours!
  16. Nice fish, great report & thanks for the hints on the water!!
  17. Kooter.............good luck this weekend, lots of fish there right now!
  18. IMO.................You can only fish dipsys 3 ways High, Medium and Deep using them to target a specific layer of water is like trying to figure out what a woman is thinking!! Just too many variables so you have to do what Skipper says, figure it out for today then repeat, when that does not work then continue to change it up!! List of variables (Feel free to add any you think of) -Boat speed -Boat Direction -Turns -type of lure -position of the dial -currents -location of temp -location of bottom -amount of line on spool -make of reel -condition of counter gear due to wear -snubber/no snubber -location of fish -consistancy of tension on line when filling spool (loose wrap or tight wrap) -amount of fleas on the line -waves -position/angle of rod tip in relation to water -stiffnes and length of rod -density of the water -smoothness of the surface of the dipsy -size of swivel/crimp/terminal tackle -type of wire/line -wind shear -ring no ring
  19. The question was actually for Tom's benefit................he is having problems with his dichotomous key!
  20. SO........................Let me get this straight................If I am catching fish on a #2, 150' out on the port side, I need to go home, measure my line, compare it to my counter, replace/adjust my backing, re-spool my wire, make a chart, find my old chart, develop an alge-a-brayic formula, calculate the product, calibrate the reels with each other, then set the starboard dipsy? ..............retired plumbers have way too much time on their hands, I just put the other one out at 150 and troll in a "S" line!!!
  21. I agree with Glen, match up the weights. I prefer the old style single fin 12# ball below a blacks release. (mostly because I have 12 of them that I bought cheap) I would add a few suggestions, keep the back riggers deeper then the side, watch your turns and when the current is ripping you need to keep in mind the direction of the sway, try to visualize what your balls are doing. BITD I ran 5 riggers off a 8' wide Islander and did not have a problem. Back then I would always run a "V" pattern with the probe on the starboard corner.
  22. John, Yep, saw you heading in. Like your boat! The location of the fish and calm seas are perfect for solo trips right now.
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