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  1. I would suggest the following: Moonshine Carbon 14 Mag Moonshine Madman Moonshine Ratchet Jaw Moonshine Geezer You can find these lures online or by contacting Captain's Cove - 585-682-3316
  2. Love those foul hooked fish, might as well pull the lines and back up on them sometimes!! Thanks for the Report. DRIVE SAFE!!!
  3. UM..... if last night was an indicator I would say NO!
  4. Last evening between the pier's at Point Breeze. We were walleye fishing around the breakwall and the temp there was 70-72 degrees. Quite remarkable for May! Just 3 weeks ago the river temp was hovering around 50.
  5. Do you mean twitter or is there a tweets page of some sort? I tried twitter, but it's kinda a pain and not very interactive. I like to ask you guys questions and answer questions you might have. Plus I like pictures, they help tell a story... Like the lets go fishin pics, they normally show wave conditions and cloud conditions for anyone on shore thinking of coming out. [ Post made via Android ] I sort of like this interactive format, I think it is very cool!! It takes a great deal of time to keep a thread like this going and I appreciate the effort Nick puts into it!!
  6. For starters check your ground, or reroute your power directly back to the battery and see if that helps.
  7. Koot, Go get 'em!! I will be out Saturday. Give me a shout on the water and let me know how deep they are!!
  8. And if no one is in danger offer to wait till the Capt is finished for the day, sit back empty the cooler of softdrinks and relax!!
  9. Nick, I assume that the kicker is offset to one side, if that is the case you may want to run a small bag on the same side as the motor and run at a higher RPM. Give it a try with a 5 gal bucket and see if it corrects the drift before you buy the bag. Just an idea, may work for you. Keep the reports coming!!!
  10. Good idea!! NOW that's a good idea for all the cables!!! Thank you!!
  11. Enjoy the battle or "wench" them in????? Would that be a Maid in America wench???
  12. I like this rule down to about 40' after that I choke them up. Spoons 8 - 12', flashers about 25'. Change if needed. What Ray said about it being a science is exactly right and the part of science that it is ........................experiment!!!
  13. Rod, Go in peace my friend. Where there is big water there are big fish.
  14. No sorta scattered about it, they are all over the place. If I had the day to do over again I would have stayed in the <120 fow area just because I'd know that there would be no fish under 120'! Not only were they scattered but they were uncommitted as well, lots of short hits some were little fish for shure, but others popped the tight releases but were gone by the time we got the slack out.
  15. Fishing Report Captain Carl Bish/Salmo salar ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): May 19 Time on Water: 6am - 2pm Weather/Temp: Blue bird day Wind Speed/Direction: slight NW Waves: 0 Surface Temp: 54 Location: west of Point Breeze LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 18 Total Boated: 9 Species Breakdown: 1 Bow, 2 Laker, 6 kings/coho Hot Lure: Moonshine Geezer Trolling Speed: 3 Down Speed: 3 Boat Depth: 90 - 220 Lure Depth: 20 - 120 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Very wierd day for us today. The bite started all on junk lines 2 oz & 200 copper both with Geezer's then I got word that there were some hungary fish deep so I broke out the 600' copper put a WMD on it and missed a fish then boated 2 coho -- thought I'd put some red glow down to feed them and the 107' rigger popped with a steelhead - 43 degree water, coho's and steelhead???????????? then to really confuse things we took a Laker on the slider on the 40' rigger. Never figured out the bigger fish today.
  16. From my limited experience I have found that the GPS SOG is the #1 data point in speed control, the #2 data point is your compass heading these are the essentials and then autopilot, and track on the plotter help my failing memory to retain that data. When a fish hits note the GPS speed and the compass heading, duplicate it until they stop hitting then change one or both until they fire again. #1 fishing tool - your brain - use it!!
  17. The answer to your question is yes you can, but if you do not want to run leadcore, copper or wire, you will be running a lot of lead once the fish are >50'. There is a system for achieving maximum depths with snap weights, but the methods are kept close to the vest due to an agreement with the man who devised the system. Your best bet is to observe and copy and the best time to observe on LO is right now while we are fishing the higher water column. Sorry about the vaguenes of this post, but my word is my word and I promised not to tell, but I did not agree to hide the system or not use it.
  18. Here is a link, 18 pounder, hard fighting http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/possible-world-record-snakehead-caught-in-virginia/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Outdoor%20Hub%20News&utm_content=May+18%2C+2012+Possible I might be a bad bad man, but deep down inside part of me wants to catch one of these things!!!
  19. Been with charter lakes for years, just switched to Hogan's (chuck woodfield 443-480-1804). 30% lower rate for greater coverage.
  20. Partner's on a boat with a friend is like lending a friend money...............you only do it if you can afford to give it to them. If you can't afford the boat on your own, don't partner on it. Make a list of the risks and analyze it well. I am currently considering partnering up on a small walleye boat, but we are talking a total investment of $4-5k, it is something I could either buy out or walk a way without much consideration one way or the other. Add a 0 to the number and it is a whole different ball game. Remember the best boat to own/buy is the one you can pay cash for!!!
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