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  1. Sounds like someone's targeting the Charter Captains!!!
  2. It is really not that critical to have a chart. With wire on a 2.5 setting: High 90 - 110 +/- 30' med 120 - 160 +/- 50' deep 180 - 220 +/- 70' If you need to be higher -- less line or > setting If you need to be deeper -- more line or < setting If the fish are hitting at 150 on the port but not at 130 on the starboard, put the starboard to 160. If the fish are hitting only the deep one only when you turn to that side run them deeper if they are hitting the fast side - choke them up. For starters in the morning run them where they were catching fish yesterday and adjust from there. It is best to let the fish tell you where they want it.
  3. Any color and a can of flat black spray paint is all you need!!!
  4. Arrived at Point Breeze at 8:55 with entire family and Mom and Dad. Walked into the Black North Inn and immediatly did a double on eggs benedit followed by sliced roast beast and a freshmade roastbeast omelette, action was so fast and furious I really do not remember anything else, all the other parties around us were doing pretty well also. I recommend the BNI sunday brunch to anyone -- Every Sunday starting at 9am.
  5. Keep your spirits up and we will keep up with the Spirit!!
  6. NICE fishin!! Thanks for the info!!! Great pics & Post!!
  7. I would suggest just using the 50# power pro instead of wire you will get nearly the same performance out to 200'. If you are fishing them deeper than that put 1000' on them. OR..............put 1000' of wire on one and power pro on the other. I ran one of each for two years and found them to be equally efficaious. The power pro set up is more versatile because you can easily run a slide diver on it for high fish if you wish. Problem is I paid more for power pro than I did wire last time I filled them up (2009).
  8. In my limited experience on the lake I have not found another that is better................unless you are worried about small fish not releasing in that case you should refer to Tim's advice.
  9. Fun day! I wish we spoke the same language! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. Fishing Report Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): May 11 Time on Water: 6 - 1 Weather/Temp: Bright Sun Wind Speed/Direction: WSW 15 Waves: <1' Surface Temp: 51 Location: West of Point Breeze LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 30+ Total Boated: 20+ Species Breakdown: Lots of Coho, 7 kings, 1 laker, 1 brown, 1 bow Hot Lure: Moonshine Geezer & RV MELON Trolling Speed: 3mp Down Speed: 3mph Boat Depth: 89 Lure Depth: 10 - 89 TWC ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished for browns in the plume of Johnson's until 8 - ish then moved out and found cohos in great numbers all over mupped Geezers small over large(33'), small tangerine tiger sliders (50/60), 3 core with red flasher/moonshine blue smoothie fly, orange slice 50' slide diver. After catching a bunch we pulled the high junk and focused on landing some kings down deeper. They wanted the Ratchet Jaw at 65', geezer 33', and especially the RV Melon at 80'. By the end of the day the guys were tired!!
  11. DITTO!! I am satisfied with 30# big game for my dipsy to flasher, this line has plenty of stretch. Keep your drags loose and tie a new leader every day and after every big fish that does what RAY said!!
  12. I will not say anything about other spoons, but I know that the MOONSHINE spoons will take a beating and if you do have one that has caught so many fish that the paint is gone, you may send it back for a replacement. Capt. Tim Green caught over 25 fish on one standard Ratchet Jaw last week and it was beat!! He could send it back, but I think 25 fish in 2 days on one lure is well worth the $6.49 he paid and he should retire that lure and purchase another!!!! That is my opinion. But should he show up at my boat with it, I would swap it out with another for him 'cause that is just the kind of guy I am and the kind of company MOONSHINE is!!!
  13. The Ratchet Jaw has been very good to me both last season and this season when fishing in <150 fow and within 20' of the bottom, I'm thinking goby imatation! As a disclosure, I am a Pro-Staff member for Moonshine Lures and proud to represent a great lure and company!
  14. The more I fish the less I rely on different lures/manufactures. It seems like color is more important than the blank it is on. In an effort to simplify my life I intend to catch multiple limits of fish this year on about one dozen select spoons and 2 flasher fly combinations. So far so good, I may have to open the other boxes if it gets tough in June. I think the manufactures would like us to think we need every color combination out there, I am beginning to come around to the thought that the #1 factor is location - are you on fish #2 are your offerings running correctly Many guys have stepped on my boat and looked thru my boxes and pull out a lure they claim to be the best spoon ever made while I have never even tied it on!!
  15. Ed, Are you a politician?? Changing the poll mid stream -- I bet the next thing you will want is for us to show ID before we vote!!
  16. I have a 7 color on the boat right now and gave a buddy my other one and he put 10 color on it.
  17. We have had 4 fish since April 28th with Lampreys on them. Two of the fish were Atlantics, one a king and the other a small laker. Three of the fish we released, saving their lives. I think the lampreys must have just entered the lake the last week of April, might be a temp thing, I am not sure of the physiology of the critters.
  18. Congrats to Capt. Jeremy!! Big fish winner at the Red Cross Tourney!!! Nice Work!!
  19. If I am wrong, please correct me, but I believe you have to be logged in as a member to see the reports. Secondly, this is a privately owned site and the fishing report do have some value, I would not hold it against LOU to make the reports pay to view. I think the $20 to be a professional is very inexpensive given what we pay for less valuable fishing tools (Look in your tackle box)!!! For the record, I voted for the way it is, but at $0 it is grossly under-valued!!! One more comment, I recently traveled to another state/fishery and would have gladly paid $20 to get fishing reports with the same diverse, quality and quanitiy of information found here for LO!
  20. Raytheon Raychart 520 Chart Plotter GPS, with antenna and mount $275 or B/O
  21. Glad you got 'em going down west! If your fishing the oak this weekend give me a call on 16 or 72.
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