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  1. cheaper would be not fishing ,but since ive been hooked on it since three years old and started trolling a little on lady O ,I was hoping to make sure I had the dozen or so things that maybe people mentioned here to make sure I have and then tweak it from there as I go. Dont mind opening the wallet ,just want to spend in the right direction.
  2. Oh, and which color for which species , Salmon , steelhead , browns
  3. Hi guys weather didnot look good for me for the weekend so Im wishinfishin. As a new guy I was hoping to get as much feed back from all of you veterans on the lake. I wanted to know what everybody thinks I should absolutely have to have on my boat as far as spoons, flies,etc. The dont leave home without it stuff. Size ,color, brand , time of year ,deep shallow, low light , high sun, I know all these things play a part.Whats the deal?????? Myself and the other newbies would be very grateful. Thank you in advance
  4. appreciate it iceman, had to make a decision early this week about coming up and go out on the lake and try the bay and it did not look good, some other time soon I hope Chuck
  5. how old are they?? I would use these for wire divers ,guess i would replace the top with twilli
  6. iceman 05 way to release some big ones, nice fish,is the bay still hot??? never been there before always wanted to try it. I have a 18 ' jon with a jet motor do you think I would be ok in the bay and be able to get around . Im sure it gets weedy being so shallow would have to go before weeds get thick, jet wont work well then. Is ther good pike fishing along the shore outside the bay????
  7. hey guys , Bloodrun tackle has some great info on copper , check out their pro tips and blogs It has to do with copper depths vs leadcore and also divers, extensive depth charts with different size copper and their respective speeds, and tips on making boards pull them better
  8. That son loves the walking dead ,Lol. Just depends on the day , not saying Im the smartest guy, On Monday we were the last guys on the lake with the smallest boat. Not worried about flipping over , but too much wind and its not fun . We were out 140 fow a few times
  9. no problem. Marked fish on bottom from 80 to 100 , which is where we caught some lake trout. Salmon and laker in 90-110 using divers set at 75 and 100 and 125 and the 250 copper with just a spoon (depth ) going about 2.2 was our number for the salmon. we did try different speeds , but that one worked for us.
  10. Thanks Sea - IV, used will be the way to go for me , but what brand ??? Anybody
  11. Hey fishtails, Im so hooked I cant even see straight, Were from Nottingham PA
  12. Can anybody recommend some inexpensive manual down riggers to get me going in the right direction??
  13. If you saw a camouflage jon boat ,Sun or Mon , that was us. Hit Sandy on Sun ,and were new to trolling Lake Ontario and gave it a shot. First rod down , first five minutes ,bang lake trout, this is great.Used a screw on rigger , the one you get for $79. The manual screw on rigger broke mid day. Me and my two sons picked at fish and caught 6 lakers and 5 salmon , hottest thing for us was 250 copper with just a spoon on the only tx-44 board I have ,we caught lakers and salmon on it using orange and black , name ???( soo many spoons , soo many names ). We even tripled at one point , tried to duplicate same thing , nothing. We also caught fish on slide divers, with spoons and flies .Great day!! Feeling like an expert now!! Which brings us to Monday in olcott,Got a late start , left ramp at 8:00 or so , there were guys already cleaning fish , Heading out the gate more guys coming back yelling go to the tower,Ok Im no dummy, so off we go see the pack, lower gear , couple divers couple coppers , clocks ticking , see guys reeling them in , see guys netting , taking pictures with fish,hootin and hollerin, not us . Change speed , change depth , change color, still nothing. Im using a tiller handle , slow down for something ,maybe a tangle, whatever, bang!! 14 pound king hits the diver with flasher and spoon, that was sinking fast,I'll take it my fourteen year old son reels em in. Wind is picking up, more and more for an 18' jon boat, just before heading back , one more hit on a turn, lost em. Other than the last one ,we landed all fish that hit. I will post pictures later, need my kids to help do that. Chuck
  14. You da man , nice fish. Feels like I know where that boat was docked.
  15. Hey King, sounded like a great dayfor you . Im new at great lakes trolling and was right where you were yesterday with my two sons and caught one and lost one . How fast were you going ??? What direction were you trolling and did it matter????? Please ,any help would be great. Divers at 200. What kind and size , I have been using slide divers with the ring. Thanks, Chuck
  16. Thanks Tom,good to know . That might help stretch out a long weekend when the wind is kicking a little, I fisshed some out of Oswego, wind seems tough, Thanks, Chuck
  17. Hi Bill, Thanks for the offer to help. I do have a question ,Ive fished a bit out of oswego , but would like to try your neck of the woods, I have an 18' semi v john boat , when i look at a map and see how rochester is situated would it be true if there was an east wind I could get a little protection from the wind and still get into some fish there, since I have a smaller boat.
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