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  1. Depends on your transducer. Fish hawk runs at 70 kHz. If you are running 83khz sonar then you can get some interference if they are close together
  2. Glad to see the bait moving in. Kings will be behind them
  3. Good to see. The browns i caught Wednesday were full of gobies
  4. Trolling only boat? If so I would go with a airmar. Multi species boat- i have been happy with my Lowrance all in one tucer
  5. Yes it is still. I went out that way and checked the middle of the channel on the way in and that was about 1.5 feet deep
  6. Good. It was a hassle loading by myself without the docks
  7. It is bad. I hope it comes up a lot by the time I am ready to put my big boat in
  8. Hit up the lake with my kid to find the fish scattered. We worked hard for 10 or 11 bites. Lake Temps between 36 and 37°. Our best producer was a super slim sea sick wadler in the overcast conditions. FYI the channel out of the creek is at 2 feet deep max
  9. FYI the channel at the mouth of the creek is 2 ft. deep at the most
  10. Thank you. I was expecting to see you guys out there
  11. Awesome weights. I have been running them for years and they still look good
  12. We launched at 8 a.m. and went searching. Had to dodge a lot of floating ice. Found a good stretch of warmer water right as the sun popped out of the clouds and it was game on. Everything we put out got bit but a uv mixed veggie stinger took the most hits by far. Best stick bait was a emerald shiner long shallow bay rat . Wind picked up and we got out of there. We will be out again soon.
  13. Yes a thru hull would be best for you. If you can't get any help from simrad then try their parent company which is navico. Talking to airmar would be the way to go. I have emailed them and had a response the same day
  14. I am assuming this is a trolling only boat? You want a transducer with the wide cone angle for trolling. A lot of guys use the airmar p66 ducer. It has a 45° cone angle but it isn't chirp. The airmar 165 hw is a chirp transducer and has a cone angle of 30° . That is the widest angle chirp transducer that's available right now.
  15. They like both. Some days they like one over the other. Some days they will hit anything you put down
  16. The higher the gear ratio in a reel the less torque it has. 36 inches per turn isn't that much and should still have good power. When you get to the reels that have 48 inches per turn then you really notice the lack of power.
  17. He is on here. Send him a pm
  18. Sad to hear this. Sorry for your loss
  19. I have been wondering how well this would work for salmon and trout for a few years now. It would be nice to see a study in the great lakes on this subject. I know it can't hurt to try. I think I will order one too
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