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  1. I like it. Let me look through my stuff. I will PM you in the next few days
  2. Anybody going to the niagra show this weekend check out this bay rat. Proceeds help support the pen project out there. It looks like a killer skinny water brown color
  3. I find this technique works well in boat traffic on pressured fish too
  4. Flt spoons and rods are available. I will be attending the niagra show tomorrow if anyone wants to meet there.
  5. Thanks. Yes I seen your Facebook video last night. Great vid. We couldn't keep our short diver in the water once I figured out what spoon they wanted.
  6. I usually have both in my spread. on different days one out produces the other. It is not just color either. I have had e chips get hot and put on the same color spin doctor and it doesn't get touched. Then put on a different color e chip on another rod and then that rod gets hot. And vice versa. It's the same with meat or flies. One day they bite the meat better one the flies
  7. E chips have their days. Some days spin dr. are the ticket other days e chips win out
  8. We headed out before first light and were greeted with a angrier than expected lake. Didn't bother us or the fish. We crushed browns all morning in pockets of water that were slightly warmer than the rest. All of our rods took multiple shots but our best baits ended up being a long shallow bay rat in emerald shiner and a green alewife super slim. Even got a bonus laker. My cousin got all the nice ones and every time it was my turn I got a dink. I already can't wait to get back out.
  9. Open to offers on the spinning rods
  10. I can meet up with you or I will be at the niagra show on Friday if you want to get them then
  11. Hahaha! My mom eats pizza with a knife and fork. I'm sure she would like it
  12. Lol! I am not trying to be rude but I am a old school type of guy. We meet up and you check out the gear make sure you're happy and pay me cash. Everyone walks away happy. I will give it a week. If no one local buys them then I will ship to you. Thank you for your interest
  13. I have a set of good condition big Jon motor covers. They are hard to find. No tears in them $40 for the pair. Sold pending payment Pick up in Rochester ny area. I have other big Jon downrigger parts. Let me know what you need
  14. I don't want to ship this stuff. I will be at the niagra show on Friday the 17th
  15. I have 2 pairs of big Jon downrigger holders. Each one comes with a big jon swivel base $75 each. Pick up in monroe county area. I also have other big jon downrigger parts. Let me know if you need anything
  16. This one was given to me at a tournament last year. I have never used one
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