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  1. very cool. i love the drone shot at the end
  2. the new mag 10's are nice but you have to keep a close eye on the wire near the ball. i had to redo the termination last year a couple times. it makes me nervous with my probe attached to it.
  3. Tommy from east fork marina in hamlin is awesome.
  4. i would call fish hawk. they have good customer service.
  5. they were still in a week ago
  6. we went to conesus on sunday and today.got 3 tigers on sunday and 1 today along with some northern's both days.nothing huge but we were able to get a few to bite. i haven't been to conesus in a couple years but it seems like there is way more bait in that lake than i have ever seen before.
  7. no problem. yes the cisco's are sturdy.they lock into the sport track and rest on the gunnels. the mounts i bought from lund lock into the sport track and sit above the gunnel so with a long boom down rigger it put a lot of stress on that sport track. i ended up making some support brackets to give it more strength
  8. the cisco mounts for lunds are nice. i wish i would have used them on my lund
  9. fast trac just started selling 90 octane ethanol free again
  10. not bad from Hamlin to Braddocks today
  11. nice fish. gambler rigs work everywhere
  12. big fish friday- we went out and were in search mode.we fished from 150 fow to 500 fow from sandy all the way way to braddocks. there were temp and currents breaks everywhere that were holding fish and the bigger fish were holding along the deeper breaks. by the time it was time to go in we were both exhausted from reeling doubles and triples hookups on long coppers with only 2 of us aboard. we ended up 5th on bff and was confident going into the shoot out that we could pull 4- 20 pounders for our box. saturday morning we motored out a little east of sandy and set down in 200 fow. marked a lot of bait and fish but pulled nothing bigger than 10 pounds. moved out deeper and size started to improve but the majors were scattered for us today. managed to pull 2 20 pounders by covering a lot of water and added them to a box with a 16 and a 10 pounder. it was getting close to the time to head in when a 400 copper went off pulling a minion meat rig and we added another 16 pounder to the box.we ended up in 12th place. my crew did great today. we didn't lose any of our big bites even though we should have because every big bite resulted in a tangle with another line. i am happy with our finish. nothing more we could have done. just couldn't find the majors. thanks guys for putting on this event. we love it and will be entered every year.
  13. we lost a lot on Saturday out of sandy. i lost count of how many.very frustrating.at least they are biting
  14. we will be in for the first event. i will be in contact next week
  15. yes chirp can be any frequency.i think he is talking about about the down vision frequency on his garmin. my medium chirp ducer operates at 95-155 khs
  16. when i changed mine i got one from db electrical. 3 or 4 years with it and it still works good.
  17. i just checked out your thread on the hull truth.looking good.yes this spring has been terrible. i bought a bunch of new stuff for my boat and i just got started installing it all this week. good luck. hope everything goes smooth so you can get that baby in the water
  18. i have been using the holders in the second pictures for years with mag divers and plenty of matures king hits and never had a problem.
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