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  1. these blue seas fuse boxes are great. i just installed one on my boat but they are made for breaker box expansion on big boats. so if you install one make sure you put a fuse between the battery and the fuse box.
  2. shawn393

    Leadcore line

    i din't realize you were talking about 18# lead core when i wrote this. anyone else reading this that is thinking about setting up a daiwa sealine 57, i just did one with 150 yards of 40# pp braid and 10 colors of 27# stealth core and it fit perfectly
  3. shawn393

    Leadcore line

    i would run braid backing and a 30 to 50 ft. fluoro leader
  4. shawn393

    Leadcore line

    that will work with 150 yards of braid backing
  5. old window weights work well.if you are ever in the rochester area i have a couple of them i could give you. pm me if you want them
  6. browns are native to Europe. the only trout native to new york are lakers and brookies
  7. i heard anglers avenue had bulk spools and can cut any length
  8. i have had this happen in the so. tier. i think they are attracted to the batteries
  9. i would be surprised if anyone was given a refund.the taxes on waterfront property keep rising and the marinas still had to pay them along with all of their other expenses . everyone who bought a slip helped keep these businesses open another year
  10. $3500 for everything including the trailer.obo
  11. If anyone is interested in the atv but doesn't have a way to transport it around I have a 5x8 utility trailer that can be negotiated into the deal
  12. nice. i had a big brown do that a few years ago. i stopped reeling and dropped it back a few feet and he crushed the spoon. good luck tomorrow. i will be out there looking for a derby fish or 2
  13. if you are close to rochester then go to brad's trailer supply on lyell ave. they have everything in stock
  14. 500' from the genny is a lot further. i never paid attention to the actual distance but it has to be at least 10 miles
  15. braid works good in the spring but you want 30 pound wire to combat the fleas in summer.it is worth every penny
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