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  1. I agree with mrk61. Do you have the church boards set up to church's recommendations? I think they work the best that way.
  2. We had a blast as always fishing this event.thanks to Brian,Rob and Matt for putting this together and a first class weigh in. I had one partner cancel at the last minute and the other was 45 minutes late so we missed the first half of the early morning bite.we set ours lines down on a west troll and immediately got bit on a 300 copper pulling a custom minion meat rig.i was fighting that fish when the rigger rod set at 70 ft. down took off screaming and came up on the outside of all our starboard gear and we had a mess on our hands when my fish got into it also.we worked together and with a little luck landed both fish that ended up being our two biggest at over 23 pounds a piece. After the morning bite ended we covered alot of water and picked away at them. Ended up with a nice box at over 85 pounds.good enough for 5th place. On a side note I am really impressed with how durable this new familiar bite Pacific herring is.we have been catching multiple fish per piece since starting to use a couple weeks ago.and the minion meat rigs always put our biggest fish in our tournament box
  3. Nice box guys.that south wind and strong current out of the north made it interesting out there
  4. I need 1 cannon downrigger swivel base. I would prefer local pickup in monroe county area. Thanks
  5. I just got a email from the port of Rochester saying the river street boat launch is closed until further notice
  6. Those are more like numbers for a mag diver
  7. There is no way this is correct. I find it hard to believe those tiny divers could reach 40' down at all let alone with only 67' of line out
  8. I have a older versions of navionics and c map and a new version of c map pro.not much of a difference for open water trolling. I fished the st Lawrence last fall and the c map pro has amazing detail.
  9. We left the boat launch at 7:30 am. There was a bunch of boats around shipbuilders so we motored down closer to Webster park and set up in 20 fow. Started marking fish and had a couple quick hits from small browns and dropped them both. Found some good water in front of Webster park with some small schools of bait and picked up a brown about 8 or 9 pounds as soon as we trolled through it. I wanted to turn back on it but I seen a charter boat about to turn on it so I let them have it. Trolled down a few miles past hedges and the screen was pretty blank down there.headed back west we decided to try a little deeper and picked another nice brown. We were marking alot of fish in 25 to 30 fow so we stuck with it even with the slow bite. Then some better bites started to come with some screaming drags. We ended up going 3 for 4 on kings in that little deeper water. Hot bait for the day was a wrecking ball super slim behind a small #0 dipsy. That took all but one fish. The other king bit a glow frog super slim behind a small dipsy.worked hard for our bites today but it ended up paying off. My phone died before I could get a pic of the biggest king that was pushing 19 or 20 pounds.
  10. I like a flexible rod for riggers.you can load them up without the line pulling out of the release
  11. Lol! My old lady said the same. I said "I will go nuts if I don't go"
  12. i would say at least 20.i lost track of the count
  13. Launch had a little ice then. I am sure it is all clear now
  14. Got out in the lund for the first time of the year today. Had to dodge alot of ice chunks in the morning but it mostly got pushed offshore in the afternoon. Trolled between shipbuilders and Webster park.did good in 8 to ten fow until the water started to clear. Moved out to 15 to 20 fow and caught them good. 33.2 degrees is the warmest water we found.bay rat long shallow in the emerald shiner and rapala sticks in natural colors were best.didn't catch any on spoons.love late winter brown fishing
  15. I would mount it on the port side.away from the kicker turbulence
  16. if you are looking for a rocket launcher then just call great lakes planer. you are in watertown? he is on pt. peninsula.you could pick it up.
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