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  1. That reel isn't big enough for 300' of 45 pound copper. It will hold 300 yards of 50 pound power pro and 200 ft of 45 pound copper
  2. Some guys tie a overhand knot. I use a crimp and a bead like minion does it. I don't know what atomik does. It might be super glue?
  3. Good job on the big box on Sunday. I have only been out 3 or 4 times myself this summer. I hope 2021 is better
  4. That is awesome. My 5 year old is a rod hog too
  5. That would be more true for slower walleye trolling speeds. Most depth calculator apps are way off
  6. Do you think it got bit when you were reeling it in?
  7. I can't help you with the bracket but it looks like a great boat. Congratulations
  8. I have bought/used all the major brands and models. I wanted some reels with more torque so I bought some penns 2 winters ago. 2 squalls for coppers and 2 fathoms 2's for mag divers. After a year+ of hard use they have been excellent. Smooth drags, loud clickers and plenty of power for fighting big fish
  9. Fished for a few hours today out of sandy. Searched around a bit and found the best screen in 90 to 110 fow from hamlin park to east of sandy. Lots of bait moving in and we caught some majors on free sliders and a few on a 10 color. The highlight of the day was when my cousin went to net a fish that bit the slider and got the mainline spoon stuck in his ear. I cut the hook and pulled it out and we called it a day. Sucks too because we were on them .
  10. It's pretty easy if you have the right tools. You will need a specialty puller to pull the bearing carrier out. I ended up making one out of a puller I already had. Danger marine on YouTube has a detailed video on the job for a evinrude
  11. I am thinking about it. My old lady is working weekends right now so I am trying to find someone to take the kids
  12. I used to troll the late afternoon into the night often. The evening bite is often just as good as the morning especially before, during and after the new moon
  13. Fish release pretty easy this time of year. The best way is not to net them and just unhook them in water off the back of the boat.
  14. Definitely some kings showing back up. We got into some today around hamlin state park in 225 fow.
  15. Mine did the same after a couple years. Spray them up with some white lithium grease or something similar
  16. Awesome. We only found 1 king and a bunch of Lakers on Saturday east of sandy. Tell Mikey I said hey
  17. The best sushi in a salmon is not the salmon itself. It is the half digested alewife in their stomachs
  18. West wind means it is coming from the west and blowing across the lake at mexico
  19. I do it all the time. Once you get into November and the water gets really low it sucks. It seems like it is always windy that time of year
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