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  1. Yes it is open and they put the docks in this past Tuesday
  2. I love what the catch and release trend is doing for the fisheries. When I was a kid a 4 pound smallmouth was giant. Now I expect to catch one at least 4 pounds on every trip
  3. I agree. Using that launch in late fall is treacherous to say the least
  4. I don't fish there in the summer but last fall was decent. I found that downsizing my bait worked best last year.i was there smallie fishing yesterday and talked to 3 different guys on bass boats that said the only bites they were getting was pike
  5. Yes roughly 4' per color depending on speed. I like running cores on the outside of copper because the dive curve of the core is less . Adds up to less tangles.
  6. You can run 8 rods with no problem on your 19' boat. Personally I would add some lead core to the mix. I would go with the 2- 300's or a 300 and a 350 and then 5 and 10 colors of core. Run the cores on the outside of the copper. You have to be careful when the currents get crazy though and downsize your spread
  7. I don't know if they are open now but Brad's on lyell Avenue in Rochester will have it
  8. It was too nice not to be out yesterday. I looked for you. You guys must have been west of sandy we went east and fished around the buoy
  9. Nice. We swung out to 40' for a bit but didn't mark any so we swung back in to 30.
  10. Time sure does go fast. It seems like they were just born. I have a 2 year old also and hopefully he will be ready for the boat next year. I do enjoy it now but I also can't wait till they can take control of the boat and I can sit back with a beer. Lol. Were you guys out there yesterday?
  11. Awesome. I am almost ready. I will see you over there soon. So pumped for this season
  12. Awesome job. Looks like you need some new bearings on your trailer. If you don`t have a trailer supply place in your area then check at tractor supply. They sell parts and complete hubs
  13. Took the kids out today. We didn't get there till 8:30 and the inside water was full of boats so we decided to try for a king a bit deeper. Ended up getting some kings and browns in 24 to 32 fow. Spoons were what they wanted today off divers,riggers and a five color. We marked more than a few pods of bait. The kids had a blast
  14. No need for a twilli or roller tip for braid
  15. They are opening. I just read it on the d&c website
  16. 300' is a must have. It will catch all season. 400' is good in summer when the thermocline gets pushed deep and 200' is good for spring and fall. With that being said I have been successful running anywhere from 100' to 600' all season depending on conditions. If I had to pick just two it would be 300' and 200' and then a 400` as soon as possible
  17. Run a buss bar or a fuse box from your battery switch and hook everything up to that. Then when you turn your battery switch off everything will be off. Run your bilge pump float switch directly to the battery so it is always hot
  18. I have a go series hooked to a tm 150. It is a good ducer that gives clear sonar readings. It doesn't have a really wide cone angle and that is the reason a lot of guys don't run them for trolling. I have always liked it and do well with it. If you go on the airmar website you can look at the cone angles for their different transducers.
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