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  1. This is similar. It is a j plug that holds a meat strip in the back.
  2. Lot of new and used trolling tackle $75 for all- sold 2 new Chamberlain downrigger releases $30- sold Finger lakes tackle spoons - 15 mags 4 standard in flambeau box $40 Pick up in the Rochester area only
  3. Natural reproduction is more common in the Canadian tribs. Those are the fish we were seeing this summer
  4. Hopefully they trawl over the bait this upcoming spring and this reduction only lasts one year
  5. Track are great. They allow for endless adjustments to your setup. I will never go without them but if you want to bolt on then check out the big jon holders
  6. A waste of money.They are not good for salmon. Get yourself some good ratcheting rod holders and be done with it. If you go cheap on the holders you will just be buying better ones later
  7. Yes they will hit anything.spoons, cranks, rubber swimbaits....
  8. I couldn't agree with you more. None of these moves make any sense to me. I am more than a bit sceptical about about their claims of baitfish #'s. I seen crazy amounts of bait most of the summer on my screen
  9. Alright then. Yes i do catch one on a 300 copper on occasion in August and eat them. My boat comes out the beginning of September and I switch over to smallmouth and musky.
  10. That is funny. 95% of steelhead caught by salmon trollers come off cheaters/ high rigger,short cores or a high diver. To think guys are pulling them up on 400 copper all day is laughable.
  11. I agree with above posts that there should be a focus on increased steelhead stocking. It's not this regulation that even bothers me. What bothers me is the way it seems to have been brought about. Especially when I hear how long certain people have been seeking it. We all heard everyone complaining about the poor king runs this year. What is next? A proposed reduction of salmon limit? C&R only on the lake? I guess all of us lake guys should start buying the same scales because in a couple years we will be fishing our tournaments mlf style
  12. We don't spend $1000's a year on our boats to have some national organization come in and try to regulate our fishery. This will be just the beginning of it. everyone needs to comment to the dec. This would be equivalent to gun hunters having a problem with bow hunting and using the n.r.a. to lobby to regulate bow hunting
  13. That is great. It makes it even better to get it done with the family heirloom gun. Congratulations Mallory and Tommy
  14. Thanks Brian. Yes. They are starting to corral bait up for the fall feed
  15. I finished a job this morning and grabbed the Lund and hit the lake for some smallmouth fishing. Boat control was tough today in the wind so we hid behind some points.we caught some small ones and then got bit off by a northern.drifted up to a spot that is usually good in the fall and got my biggest conesus smallmouth of the year. love fall smallmouth fishing
  16. I agree with Gambler. Keeping the predator population higher will only lead to continued cuts in chinook stocking.
  17. They are usually deep in fall.you can catch some strays shallow put the majority will be deep
  18. Took the kids out this morning. Found the fish in 200 fow. The divers and coppers pulling minion meat rigs went crazy when we got into the fish.pulled out 6 in a half hour.the lake was like a washing machine today with waves coming from 3 different directions.the kids didn`t like how choppy it was so we pulled lines and got in before the rain came through. Got some nice steelhead on a ten color too.
  19. We haven't been getting many inside 200 fow but every time I venture out deep I have been seeing some. Tons of small steelhead everywhere too
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