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  1. Yes. They need to be properly installed with backing plates
  2. I have a couple squalls in the 50 size. They are huge. I have never owned a 30 size. It looks like it would be tight to get a 300 copper on one with enough backing. I wish they made a 40 size
  3. I should add that this thought started today when I went to order a new reel to replace a worn out 300' copper setup and couldn't decide what to buy
  4. I am curious to hear what's everyone's favorite copper reel for tournament fishing. I have owned pretty much all the makes/ model reels and in my opinion there is no perfect copper reel out of the box. Everything is going to high speed gears now and I like them for fun fishing but not for tournament fishing. I like the Penn fathom reels but they are too big for a 300 to 350' copper and you have to put a ton of backing on them to get it full. I am almost thinking about going back to some convectors and sending them out to get upgraded. Then keeping my high speed stuff as backups . What are you all using. It's winter. I am bored
  5. Yes. The big motor will keep that battery charged while trolling.
  6. I run 3 batteries on my Lund. 2 for the 24v tm and the other for everything else. I have drained the starting battery before when I am on the trolling motor while bass fishing and the big motor isn't running. I have never had that problem while trolling
  7. Do you troll with the big motor? You have enough power on board already for everything.Those 55 pound 12 v motors will drain a battery quickly just bass fishing from my experience. dedicate a battery for just the tm. Then add a on board charger to charge the tm battery when you get home. I am assuming that you trailer the boat.
  8. Awesome job. I wish I knew about this. It would've been fun todo
  9. There is still plenty of good structure to fish well off the border along the shipping lane.
  10. No need for another battery. Just run them to your starting battery. If you need mounts for the Lund sport trac, check out the Cisco mounts. They are awesome
  11. Honda Dan mentioned some good spots. Also across from the Cape Vincent boat launch along the border troll the drop off from Wolfe island. I find when the water is getting colder fast( like it is right now) then finding bait is the deal.
  12. My Lund has been absolutely amazing. It is a 2003 and I have had it out in conditions I shouldn't have many times. I fish it in lake Ontario and the st. Lawrence alot. I have never felt unsafe and still trust it just as much as the day I bought it. In my opinion you want some flex that a riveted boat offers in big water. All the rivets are still perfect and it doesn't leak a drop. Lund will be the only aluminum brand I ever own. I know you said probably not a Lund but I just wanted to offer my opinion of them. The dealer that I bought from and will buy again from was awesome. I think that a big part of buying a boat. Most of them don't care after they get your money
  13. His rain gear was used up after the first heavy rain. He took it off and it started pouring again and he still didn't want to leave.
  14. I took my kid out today to fish for smallies. We were on them good but the problem was they were all small. Found one good one finally that was around 5 pounds. We got a bonus walleye also. Fyi they pulled the docks today
  15. A 12 volt 55 pound thrust is enough power for you but your battery wouldn't last long at all.you would most likely have to carry 2 batteries to get you through a full day. So you might as well get a 80 pound 24 volt motor. The batteries for my 24 volt will last for a couple days of bass fishing. I am not sure how long they would last for trolling. My guess is they would be drained in less than 4 hours. Much longer if you are just using the electric to steer while trolling
  16. I had a unexpected day off today due to material delays so I hit the lake early looking for for schools of smallmouth. The screen didn't look all that great at my usual spots but good enough to stay there. Ended up getting a few quality ones and a bunch of smalls. I have caught more tiny smallmouth this year on conesus than I can ever remember. Anyone else notice this? Anyway the future looks bright for the smallmouth in conesus. Got a bonus jumbo northern too.
  17. Saltist 30's you don't need high speed for riggers. You will be happy they aren't high speed when you get a big king on
  18. The power pole charger looks awesome. It is a charger and battery management system. It would have come in handy more than a few times on my Lund. I need to know what the long term durability is though before I spend that kind of money on it
  19. I agree with yankee. Shut it down down until after egg take. There are plenty of other rivers and streams to fish in the meantime
  20. Crimp instead of a knot? What diameter line? I wouldn't consider it for anything less than 80 pound. I tie knots with 130 floro for musky leaders and never had one fail
  21. It stays 5' deep or more in the marked channel. The sailboats would probably like it deeper. It would be nice if it was a little wider with all the bass boats and kayaks clogging up the entrance
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