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  1. depends on the water clarity. use lighter in clear water and heavier in the green and stained water.
  2. i just called the city of rochester information hotline and they said they have no record of it being closed.i am going to use it in the morning
  3. use steel leaders to prevent bite offs from those big girls they have up there.
  4. i have 6 accudepths that i use for browns.they are twice as good as the magda's .if you're going to use them a lot for walleye and browns you might want to consider spending a little more and get the sealine
  5. this is just my opinion i'm sure people will disagree. i fish to relax and have fun and fishing with long coppers(longer then 400)is not fun to me.if i need more depth out of a 400 then i use a 4 ounce dive bomb that adds another 15 to 20 feet of depth. close to the same of a 500
  6. it's all about the pre fishing for any tournament. best of luck to you
  7. wow that water has to be at least 20 feet low
  8. i agree with the sears die hard marine batteries.they have a 2 year warranty on their better ones while most only have a one year warranty. all batteries have a sticker with the delivery date so you know how long they have been sitting
  9. i tried putting a 5 color core out on a offshore once.it didn't even pull that very well.
  10. August can be tough for numbers of pike especially in the bays. i would say your best bet would be the deep weed edges around Clayton.If you're drifting with minnows and not getting any action then move deeper and look for them suspending
  11. I like power pro the best.40 # has the same diameter as 10# mono.the color doesn't bleed out of it and it's made in the usa. fishusa.com has bulk spools at a fair price
  12. i'm curious about how well this works.when you're running just the first segment do you let the second segment all the out past the rod tip?does it drag in the water?it seems to me that if the second segment isn't past the rod tip and is rubbing against the rod tip in the wave action then the lead would eventually wear out. thanks
  13. I have never fished otisco. Are alewives present there? I know in conesus it is pretty tough to catch summer walleye because they suspend and gorge themselves on alewives.Does the bait population have something to do with it?I used to fish conesus a lot and have caught thousands of pike compared to only 6 or 7 tigers. i'm no expert on tiger behavior
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