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  1. just looked again and you are right. don't see the in hulls there anymore. i would call airmar
  2. hodges marine under navico transdusers.i think a lot of their ducers are out of stock right now but they will stocking them soon for the upcoming season
  3. their costumer service is great. i e-mailed them when the brown trout candy craze was happening and i couldn't find any.two days later i got home from work and they were in the mailbox. don't forget about the long shallows they work better for me on my boat most of the time.
  4. got out today for our second trip of the year. we started out setting lines close to the outlet of the bay because we were marking a lot but couldn't get them to go.picked up once we passed shipbuilders and dropped again at webster park. marked fish there but again couldn't get a bite. trolled down a couple miles and found a good 75 yard stretch of water that was a half of a degree warmer and started putting them in the boat fast.no big ones. did lose one that was screaming out line and another that felt really good. hot baits were a rainbow trout yo zuri stick and a olive ghost husky jerk.bay rat long shallows took some fish. wrecking ball super slim was our best spoon.took a couple pictures until it got rough and keeping control of the boat became more important.
  5. i have the ranger with a 32" x 34" hoop (if i remember correct) with the coated net for summer and love it. the hooks just fall right out of it
  6. yes it gets pricey to buy everything you need at once.if you can't find any used rods and reels at the show then pick up some daiwa accudepth plus combos with the 47 size reel. they are a great reel for the money and you can use them for riggers,divers or planers.
  7. that guy was nuts. when i seen him pull in i thought he must have a quality wet suit. then he took off in a t-shirt and sweat pants.lol!!
  8. i pulled the cover off my lund this morning,threw in a battery and met my cousin at the launch. set lines in 10 fow close to shipbuilders and immediately started getting bit. fished 10 to 20 fow all day in some good small pockets of water holding fish. fish 3 to 6 pounds with a few a bit bigger. bay rat long shallow in blue tiger and emerald shiner patters took most of the bites along with some husky jerks that did well. love these bonus days in winter.
  9. hodges marine has pretty good prices on transducers
  10. check out the airmar website. i think you are looking for something like the B175M.
  11. you can find them a little cheaper but yes i agree they are pricey. after buying new electronics and rod holders this winter they aren't in my budget this year. cannon has a rebate program going on now. might be worth a look
  12. i really like the looks of them. i am a big fan of riggers that don't have black plastic cases.i checked out their website and the price goes up fast with upgrades. i really like the traxtech riggers too.speed isn't a big deal to me.i run big jons now and am happy with them. i think my next set of riggers will be the traxtechs.
  13. fish usa has them in the boat electronics section
  14. you should post on the great lakes fisherman site if you haven't already. lots of michigan guys on there
  15. shawn393

    X4 TO X4D

    they all use the same transducer.
  16. looking for berts ratcheting rods holders in the satin finish and also berts or great lake planer rod trees. pm me with what you have. thanks Shawn
  17. if i had a set date to come fish browns in early spring then i would pick rochester. with the genesee river dumping in you can usually find the right water color. also if it is rough you can troll irondequiot or sodus bays if not iced in still
  18. perfect date. it's going to get me out of having to go to my gf family reunion
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