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  1. Over the winter I bought 2 Berts ratcheting rod holders from someone on LOU, and I noticed last week while fishing that they don't pull up with a 1-hand retrieve like my other 2 do. You have to pull the lever to get the rod holder to raise up. Is something wrong with them or are there 2 different designs/models out there? The look exactly the same...
  2. Must be the season...This bird was the only thing that came onto my boat this morning off I Bay...Marking them at 65-75 FOW but no hits...
  3. Not a lot of action this morning for us, east wind and bright sunshine. Got 1 nice brown still hanging around in 25 FOW by Shipbuilders, on a silver and green Rapala. Tried out deep about 65 FOW, marking a lot but only picked up 1 king on a black and glow NK magnum. Still a great day fishing with my son, cant beat it!
  4. I know its a couple days past, but the fishing heading east from I Bay has been great so far this year...20 to 30 FOW heading east brought in the browns, then heading back west we picked up some nice kings and browns, we went 8 for 13 overall, losing a very nice Atlantic right at the boat. We were more in the pea soup water than following any mud lines, and orange and mixed veggies NK28's on 1 color of lead were the best producers. The boys doubled up twice, the second time was a PB brown for Robbie! I have never netted 2 fish at 1 time, that was fun LOL...Love seeing the kids catching fish...
  5. If you have a chance could you post a couple pics? Thanks, Mike
  6. Thanks that could work...Did you mount it directly to the boats bench seat or did you put some wood in between the seat and the slide?
  7. Yes there is foam under the aluminum bench seat so i have stayed away from drilling into that so far. So you are thinking a piece of 3/4" plywood across the top, mounted to the angled seat supports, and then attach the seat to the plywood? That is a good idea, I think I have some leftover marine plywood i could try that out. Thanks for the idea!
  8. I have a seat mounted to the clamp style bracket that I have been using for the last couple of years on my 12' aluminum boat. I have tried adding ropes, ratchet straps, etc to the bottom of the clamps looped under the bench seat, and nothing will hold the seat tightly to the aluminum bench seat. I always tighten the nuts down on the clamp as tight as I can before adding the ropes, straps, etc, and the seat still comes loose. Looking for some other mounting ideas/techniques I can try...
  9. How do you like those down east rod holders? Ive been thinking about getting some for my 12' aluminum boat...
  10. I would, there 2 ppl ahead of you. If they dont take it I will let you know.
  11. Yeah thats exactly right! Gotta know how the tri beam transducer works. There was also something about if the fish image was solid black or an outline...It was pretty high-tech in 2002!
  12. Humminbird 300TX Tri Beam fish finder, works as it should. I had this mounted on my 12' aluminum boat, but I got a Lowrance Elite 4 ice fishing unit last year, and added a boat transducer so I no longer need the Humminbird. I bought this new in 2002, and it has always worked great. Has speed and surface temp, definitely old school but if you need something basic this will do the trick! Still have the manual too. PM me if you want it, I will leave it in a box on my front porch.
  13. Happy Easter to all, looks like the last day to fish for a few days...The mud line seems to have dissipated and moved out since last week, but still managed to go 2 for 3 browns in 20 FOW. The green and silver stick baits on planers were still the ticket today, only 1 hit on the rigger running wonder bread. Everything right at 2.0 mph. Had to run stuff farther back today, and went to 2 colors of lead instead of 1. Also had to go from the 15lb to 8lb fluoro leader....Still had a happy boy in the boat!
  14. That's too bad looks like you did a great job on the boat...List it here for 9k and see what you get...
  15. And not the most fun ramp to use if your boat is bigger than 16' or so...
  16. Here's a picture of a post and a link to the post from Allison Mayer, one of the owners of Mayer's Marina in Webster. The marina is still open, just no staff in the building. Not sure how I would get gas unless they have a credit card machine set up at the pump...we shall see. But at least I can still fish and keep my boat there this season! https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=allison c. mayer&ref=eyJxcyI6IkpUVkNKVEl5WVd4c2FYTnZiaVV5TUdNdUpUSXdiV0Y1WlhJbE1qSWxOVVEiLCJndiI6ImJlZTA5ZjkzZmE3MzJjZmE1OWExY2I2ZDlmNDUwZDM4OTI0MjRlNDkiLCJlbnRfaWRzIjpbXSwiYnNpZCI6Ijg1YjZkZWFkMjdkM2U4NmZjOTk2ODJkMzgxNzhmZmNhIiwicHJlbG9hZGVkX2VudGl0eV9pZHMiOm51bGwsInByZWxvYWRlZF9lbnRpdHlfdHlwZSI6bnVsbCwicmVmIjoiYnJfdGYiLCJjc2lkIjpudWxsLCJoaWdoX2NvbmZpZGVuY2VfYXJndW1lbnQiOm51bGwsImNsaWVudF90aW1lX21zIjoxNTg2NTE3MzE5NzI5LCJlcHMiOiIvaG9tZS5waHA6dG9wbmV3cyJ9&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  17. If they're the SF-400A's I would be interested. Can you send me a pic? Thanks
  18. ^^^ Yup 1.8-2.0 seems to be the speed right now. I knew we were going too slow the first time we made a turn and the outside planer board line immediately got a hit...
  19. Yup that little Johnson 8 horse just wont quit...But my son was complaining about the smoke, might be time to upgrade to a 4 stroke!
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