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  1. steelie ill take these.......... where and when to meet thanks pittston stuck stop?????? carol
  2. if you go on their site and click on about us it will tell you how he originated..........true or not remains to be seen.waiting to hear your responses.....thanks
  3. great buy.........wish i needed them but you know i dont hope all is well buddy
  4. i have um if u can wait for the 16th im in mexico
  5. if u dont find one by the 16th let me know
  6. damn just bought two new ones tuesday
  7. in a week i'll be selling two electric cannon mag 10's $325 firm with bases...
  8. ill take the one on the left the long one that extends on your way up ny i can meet you..i live in wilkes barre i sent you a text thanks
  9. would not do it....just saying
  10. keep your eyes open on here//// i just ordered 2 new stx 10 riggers.....my mag 10's will be coming up for sale. as soon as i get them off the boat... still in use yet thanks
  11. buy the looks of it .........definetly fixed before
  12. anyone using diabolic products if so whats hot thanks
  13. anyone using products by diabolic? if so whats hot thanks
  14. i'll take the twinkie rigs and bait heads thanks
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