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  1. Slowwwww out here. Bunch of shakers in 500, few mid 20” fish in 200. Still working way in
  2. Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX TS manual Downriggers. Great condition, used this year on Lake Ontario. Purchased new boat, went to electrics. These aren’t the cheap manuals. These have stainless spools/booms, swivel bases and come with 8# balls. Retail $444-475 new each. $400. Live in Pittsburgh PA, but will be in Olcott much of August.
  3. I’ll be back in the morning chasing them with you. Hope we can find a concentration
  4. Good afternoon fellas. Struggled a little this morning and was wondering what everyone else was up to. Wiggled around out in that 400-450FOW this morning, didn’t mark a whole lot of bait, snagged a few Steelhead and two smallish Kings. Would have kept going North but I’m fishing out of a tiny tin can and it was kicking up a little. Ran into 80-100FOW and screen was loaded. Bait and hooks all hanging near the bottom. Ended up picking up 4 mature fish between 15-22#. No one else was set up in tight and I assume it’s because of the bath water, but it seems the fish were active. Was only at the cleaning station for 20 min or so, but it seemed the deep guys were getting Steelhead and Cohos.
  5. Sure is a nice one in Pittsburgh! 2012 Starcraft Fishmaster 210/Yamaha 200
  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt, just wanted to relay my positive experiences with Muddy Creek. My first boat that I rigged, he was nice enough to come right to my house and measure the boat up. I realize I live very close to him, but he didn’t have to do that. Every other time I’ve tried to get ahold of him, he’s gotten back to me if he didn’t answer. He’s a small shop and the only one who answers the phone (I believe it’s his cell). Glad you were able to order elsewhere, busy time of year for all of them.
  7. Muddy Creek is right down the road from me and are the real deal. Website may suck but send him a text/call. His stuff is top notch and well worth the price. Glad you reminded me, I have to pick some up as well.
  8. Conneaut Canvas in Conneautville PA. Hands down best cover I have ever seen. Think it’s $550ish for 18’ boat with integral fleece lined motor cover. May be a drive for you but boat will be done in 2-3 days and no one will beat the quality. They’ve now done 5 for me. Latest was a Fishmaster 196 and it was $6xx out the door with two fleece lined motor covers.
  9. Headed up for annual duck trip on the 26th, planning on hunting a few hundred yards-1/2 mile or so out of the mouth. While out there, is it worth taking a rod and trying to catch anything? Purely drift fishing as my focus will be on ducks. Any thoughts/ideas?
  10. I know this is a long shot, but thought someone may want to get rid of their nice dual axle. Currently have a great condition Starcaft Equiload single axle but tow the boat long distances and would prefer to have peace of mind on long trips. If someone who tows short distances was interested in trading a dual for my single, I’d make it worth your while $ wise. Ty Eric
  11. Are there any plans to make the rod holders with thumb screw bases? I feel like I’m always moving rods and the thumb screws make it simple. I’d order a few if you had plans for thumb screws. Eric
  12. I’d like to find a newer Oil injected 2stroke or 4stroke. 75-115hp, preferably 75-90hp. Any maker okay as long as motor runs great. Eric 412 491 3674
  13. Was in there with ya. One decent and two shakers. Started almost to Wilson and ended up right in front of the water tower.
  14. Yep. That’s what it looked like on my graph. We’ll see. Thanks man
  15. There’s a few fish in tight.. 160-180’ picked a few. Didn’t do much out deep so came in.
  16. Glad to hear, heading up now for the weekend. Will keep this thread updated.
  17. That’s exactly what the OMC dealer said. The ratios at idle are nearly 100:1, at WOT much more oil. And I was running a 4stroke kicker so I wanted to use the same fuel tank
  18. I had a 1999 Johnson 115 that had exactly the same symptoms. Ended up being the fuel side of the VRO pump. New VRO pump and motor ran again. Not cheap fix.
  19. I stopped in the bait shop the other day to bs about some new wire rods. The lady behind the counter was telling me I could use the Okuma GLS Copper/Leadcore rods with the stainless guides for wire. Is that true? Would I still need a Twilly tip?
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