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  1. Just finished a Sea Nymph 19’6” restoration in the fall. Boat wasn’t used as much as I had hoped. Everything is pretty much new. Wiring, floors, carpet, Nautolex, etc. if you’re interested, I can explain everything. I’d let it go for your price point even though I have quite a bit more into it.
  2. If you’re ever near Pittsburgh, gimme a holler. 412 491 3674
  3. This thread helped me through my Sea Nymph Duck boat build!
  4. True. When I installed mine I had the floor out and built bracing so I had a solid base to screw it to. Pretty solid. The Dolphin Ttop I purchased Is slopes down so it actually provides downward pressure when trailering.
  5. I’ve put a thousand or so miles trailering on mine and no issues. Yet.
  6. I run a pretty light tin can and it doesn’t seem to be affected by the wind at all.
  7. Will this tanks wiring harness work with the newer 2000’s harness and gauges? Sorry, I don’t know a lot about OMC tanks.
  8. Picked a few between 230-300, can’t seem to keep them hooked up. Turning back on them.
  9. 50F down 65’ in 140FOW. Mid 40’s down 80’
  10. Anyone doing anything today? Quite a few boats started in tight, lots of marks. We got two in 160, headed a bit shallower.
  11. Here now, did okay in 220-260 yesterday evening. Seemed to be quite a few boats in the skinny stuff but we didn’t mark much inside.
  12. Bought an old Sea Nymph to use as a duck boat. Need a side mount OMC control box with key and tilt/trim switch. Anyone have one laying around?
  13. 30# even on the scale, if nothing else this thread got me itching for another dinosaur!
  14. Yesterday evening calmed down quite a bit but the fishes weren’t hungry. A few shakers and mid teen kings. Interestingly enough, marked more fish/bait in 100-120 but didn’t hook any matures. This morning slow, very few marks from 320-400ish where we are now. Continuing the search out deeper.
  15. Paid and PMd you my address
  16. I’ll take em. You have paypal?
  17. Don’t know where you’re located, but we’re in Olcott pretty often..
  18. Buddy has one, $1500 I think he said. Would prob do better price. Timmy 412 716 4285
  19. I have two left Convector 20 LC’s that I would sell or trade for right handed..
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