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for sale : usa 150 Qt. Igloo Cooler

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Brand newBig A*s Igloo Cooler. It has the small door in the top so you don't need to open the entire cooler.  I'll be in Oswego next week if you want to meet up. $100.00





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that is a great price on that cooler. if I didn't already have a 100 quart that I have from my smaller boat that was totaled I would buy it myself. we have room for it now but the 100 quart is in like new condition and I hate to just quit using it.


these are great with the door in the lid. just open it to put the fish in the cooler. ice lasts so much longer when not opening the whole lid.

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35 minutes ago, Eusebio said:

By any chance is this still available?

Yes, new in Costco and BJs for less than a hundred dollars

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