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Chinook Divers

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Are Chinook divers worth having for Lake Ontario summer kings? I own only Luhr Jensons or Dream Weaver mag divers have been toying with the idea with buying a few chinook divers! I know their great for shallower waters in the spring but wonder how they work in deeper waters! *side note I run trolling wire on two rods and braid on two rods for dipsy*! Thanks for any input!

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On 6/25/2023 at 12:24 PM, fisherman21 said:

Chinook divers are all I use for divers for kings in the summer. Size 5 on the 4 setting

I’ll second that! Switched to size 5 Chinooks last year after several years of DW Deeper Divers (which work great too) and find them more accurate. With the weight on the #4 slot it gives a close 3:1 ratio with wire which, for mathematically challenged me, makes life smooth sailing! 😊

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