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Trolled 130 to 250 fow north of Webster Park and worked my way back west toward the bay.  Because the forecast had rain and possible thunderstorms after 10:00 I didn't want to get too far out.  The weather (and forecast) improved through the morning and I stayed out for 3.5 hours.  I didn't mark more than a dozen fish the whole time, most of them in the 150-180' range.  Temp was shallow at 50' down.  Used a meat rig for the first time and it did get 2 good hits, but no takers for the day.  I was using a Familiar Bite herring strip and was surprised that the meat stayed in the meat head even after getting chomped on twice.  Does anyone have a cheaper alternative to those store bought meat strips?  They're kinda pricey. 

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19 hours ago, seeyawader said:

How about a U.S. company that sells the artificial bait for meat rigs?? Need to get it soon and sick of trying to keep meat on hand. Or at least have it in the boat when I forget the strips


I've been working on a mold for an artificial meat rig strip. Its a work in progress. 

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Rip Teasers! John King makes them…….they’ll work, but you can’t beat Atomic meat!!!


You can order them from his website, Michiganangler or the have them at Fat Nancy’s. They work really well with the King heads.







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