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Dickey and I fished Sandy Sunday and Monday for Browns. 75 feet of water between Cowsucker and the Can down 60-70 was good on Sunday. Went 9 for 14 on Browns but couldn’t find anything big. Still a fun morning on the water. 
Monday the screen dried up and a bunch of weed blew in so we slid out to 100. Lines down 70-80 picked up 4 Browns and had a double on good Kings.  My guess is we still have a few weeks of good fishing before it’s time to hit the woods. 







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16 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

Nice 👍. That king looks like he would be a derby winner next year. 

Would have let him go. Me and Dickey were trolling west in a 2 foot chop. Had to make 3.3 to get2.4 down. King hits the 300 and 50 feet out the deep rigger goes with another 20+.  Leave the rigger fish in the rod holder and manage to land the copper fish. By this time the rigger fish is coming In broadside, another mostly silver fish. We net and dump him immediately and try to straighten the boat out as well as a dipsy wrapped in one of the riggers. By this time copper King is dead. 
The folks on Long Pond were happy to have it. 

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