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Owasco Few good silvers starting to show

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Finally got some vacation time to put on the water. The column has been loaded with stocked browns and rainbows for a few months now.  Has been tough setting a spread without having a couple small ones bouncing on the rods every few minutes. Should be real good with this class of fish in a couple years.  Lakers have come up out of the column to take advantage and I am catching them 2-1 over bows right now. Coppers, cores, and riggers have been good, with coppers taking the most. Every day is different, as the wind has been shifting the temps, but it's starting to pick up.  Look for the smooth water, deal with the weeds and you will get fish. Best depth between 55 and 60 for me. Bright colors and a lot of zig zagging to speed up and slow down lures has triggered strikes, running 2.0-2.5. Dealing with the little ones has been tough this year but the fleas are gone and it's getting good. Some pics from the last 2 weeks, sorry for the orientation on some of them. Tight lines.












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