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Headed towards Oswego from Mexico Point. Found clear water and didn’t hit any fish.

Decided to run to Selkirk and found some colored water. Hit some fish in shallow and ended catching 4 browns and 2 big smallmouth off boards in 7 fow. Mix of spoons and sticks off boards. East wind picked up and we trolled back toward the IMG_7394.thumb.jpeg.b05075359ea9adcf59cd4668333db22f.jpeglaunch with nothing else hitting and finding clear water again.

 Guy at the ramp said he had  caught a king and lakers in 20-35 fow.

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Hi Kevin

  How much line do you run off your board releases and do you put any weight on the baits?  Thanks for the great reports and sharing of info.

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Back at Mexico and can’t find anything. Tried from 6-55 feet. Could not find any fish or any colored water, Ran from A frame to Catfish and high rocks. Then to Selkirk and nothing. Marked only a few pods of bsit

abpit to pull the plug!

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