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8 hours ago, kempie said:

Anybody see any fleas yet?

I use that advantage II and it seems to work on the fleas. I get it from pet meds 

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My flea solution.  Go to Wal Mart and get 50 lb test Shakespeare line. It is large enough diameter that the fleas cannot grab. It is very inexpensive and never has an breakage problems.  Put on 200 or so feet than tie on  20 feet or so of  25 lb test Big Game. Use knots that won't have problems thru eyes and levelwind guide on both ends of the 50 lb test. The 50 will be in the vertical position of the downrigger setup and resist the fleas.  Not many fleas will be able to grab horizontal running 25 Big Game on the horizontal position just after the release.  Been doing this for 20 years with not much flea problems.

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