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Went to pick up a fishing partner at 4 a.m., he was not up and did not answer his phone, so I went solo.  First line in at 5:35.  I ran one rigger and two dipseys.  Went 3 for 4 (only kept one).  I had lines in by 8 a.m.


Rigger down 105' took two fish on a mag silver carbon 14.   A wire dipsey with an NBK took a fish while letting it out (3 setting at about 136'), and the same dipsey took a fish (I lost) out 230'.  Fish were caught inside 170 f.o.w.


It is always fun when you are solo and have to net a fish between the rigger and a dipsey because it won't cooperate (it just liked that side of the boat even when I turned).  The fleas are here, but not bad yet.


A Father's Day Dinner (and then some)



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