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PRO-AM Open Division

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On Saturday at Orleans Pro-Am there were 3 entrants in the Open division and on Sunday I believe there were about 10....In fact, on Saturday only 1 entrant registered fish and won both first and second place for that day, because neither of the other two entrants bothered to register after the deadline....

Good luck!


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Yup...9 in Niagara each day. I think the winners have done pretty well to date with cash and prizes! Only 3 day one in Orleans...but ALL the divisions numbers were down. There were only like 16 or so Am teams as well. I don't know the number for day two in Orleans, but it was up from day one.

I suspect/hope the east end entries (Wayne & Oswego) will be way up. I believe the committee was hoping for more participants, but I suspected it would take some time. If you want the open to be here to stay....don't wait for "the other guys" to enter first. It's a great time!

If your at weigh-in....say hi to the guys in the Lucky Enuff shirts. We fish the Am division and we are all LOU members!

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Thanks for all the messages. We used to fish the pro/am in the AM division. No time to find a observer, so we like the open division idea. You can drive in late the night before out of town and hit the water early. Just more convenient for people from out of town in my opinion. Once again, thanks to all


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