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Chautauqua Lake-Perch

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Well, big boat has been put to bed for the winter, so when my brother

rented a cottage for the weekend on Chautauqua Lake, I decided to take

my son, and the mirrocraft and head over.

We did 30 perch in a couple of hours Saturday afternoon; and followed

that up with 100 this morning. No huge jacks, but a lot in the 10-11

inch range. We kept some, but let most go back to grow for another


Fished tight to shore, on the south side of Long Point. Worms.


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i have heard that its been great fishing for perch anywhere on the lake for the last 2 seasons and alot came out of the lake last winter also. nice job. tasty little boogers aren't they?

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I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of catching and cleaning them...but when you

have a little guy that likes the action and eating em....oh well...guess you have



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