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Next Chautauqua Musky Cash Tourney June 19th,2010

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Next Chautauqua Cash Tourney will be June 19th,2010.We will change the format a little.The Tourney will be $30 per Fishermen paid by April 1st,$40 per Fishermen after April 1st with extra $10 going to the Bait Fish Fund.Those who are paid up by April 1st will be in a drawing to win a St.Croix Avid Rod of their choice.(Full Field 100 Fishermen),1st Place $1200,2nd Place $600,3rd Place $300,with the remaining $900 going to the Bait Fish Fund! This will be based on the 3 Longest Muskies caught & released,each fishermen can only enter 1 fish,their Longest! Food will be sold seperately,cooked on the spot!Hot Dogs,Hamburgers,Italian Sausage at $2.00 each,proceeds to go to Chautauqua Bait Fish Fund. We will also still have the raffles,but a larger table of goodies and the 50/50 Raffle.We will use Long Point State Park for the launch and Awards Presentation,we will use one of the bigger picnic shelters with grills.The Launch Fee for Long Point State Park will be included in your Entry Fee,Launch Tickets will be handed out at the launch that morning,you must place the ticket in your window.Because the Tourney is on Opening Day we have been asked to park all vehicles with boat trailers up on the hill by the picnic shelter in the parking lot,we will shuttle people to and from the parking lot and launch.

Now that we are going to Feed the Muskie Fry at Prendergast Hatchery extra Fathead Minnows the whole time they are outside in the growing ponds,we are going to need to raise close to $6000,we have $2757 at this point for the 2010 Bait Fish Purchase!Donations to the Chautauqua Bait Fish Fund are much appreciated as well!Make checks out to Mostly Muskies and mail to Capt. Larry D. Jones,268 Harrison Ave,Buffalo,NY 14223

You may also submit payment online via PayPal by clicking on the link below:

:star:SIGN UP TODAY :star:

Capt.Larry 716-432-0198

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Larry I will send mine +1 'player to be named later' when I get off the ice tomorrow.

given the interest im sure it will be a full fiield but hopefully others are already thinking muskies despite these frigid temps and will send soon as well.

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The Tourney Entry Fee also includes your Park Entrance & Launch Fee for Long Point State Park.The ticket will be given to you at the Launch and must be placed inside showing through the window on your dash.Because there is also a Bass Tournament that day and its Opening Day they have set us up to park all vehicles with trailers up on the hill by the picnic shelters.We will shuttle people from the parking lot to their boat and from their boat back to the parking lot.Those who plan to show up after 7:00 a.m. to Long Point State Park to Launch will need to let me know a week before the Tourney so I can mail you the Launch Ticket,after 7:00 a.m. if you do not have a Ticket for Entry the Park Attendant at the Gate will charge you to get in.

Capt. Larry

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For those who do not fish Tournaments or are not available to fish on June 19th,but care about making our muskie fisheries better!

You could make a $30 donation to the Chautauqua Bait Fish Fund by using the PayPal Link in the top thread here.In the comments just write Donation to Bait Fish Fund and all $30 will go toward this years Bait Fish Purchase to feed the musky fry at Prendergast Hatchery.

Thanks, Capt. Larry

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With NY State Closing State Parks & Historical Sites one must understand that they are also looking at Hatcheries as well.It is very important right now that we are showing support for the Prendergast Musky Hatchery.The best way to do this is by fishing the June 19th Chautauqua Musky Cash Tournament or sending a donation to the Chautauqua Bait Fish Fund.From the Tourney & Donations we are hopeing to Purchase around $6000.00 worth of Fathead Minnows to feed the Musky Fry at Prendergast extra behond the regular number of Fathead Minnows put in each pond.These extra Fathead Minnows mean extra growth for the Musky Fry before being stocked in NY waters,better chance of survival!We need to show that many people care about Prendergast Hatchery and we are there in a support level,this is very important right now as NY State is looking every where to cut funds to get closer to state budget that is deep in the minus!

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