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seneca 4/13


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i took a old friend and his sons out today, launched out of sampson...went laker fishing we ended up catching 25 fish today with the biggest one being 9lbs...all flasher and fly bite i couldnt get a spoon to fire....but the south end was hot for spoons talking to a couple of ppl who was fishing down there today.....

the same flys keep producing so i never switched up from sunday...85 and 103 on the riggers and 250 on the dypsy....

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I was on on South Seneca this morning. Started up around Peach orchard with the same flasher an Fly combination that worked saturday. Didn't get on the lake until around 10, lake was like glass and we didn't get a hit. About 2 the wind came up and the baits started getting hit. Terrible day went 1-7 yikes ! Had some very inexperienced mates with me today, the type that you have to hook the fish, hand them the pole then they take the pressure off the fish trying to make the exchange. They enjoyed it but it's nice to get them in the boat.

Also, I like to tie my own flys and started useing these Red Trebles size 2/1 which seem small compared to the dark brown ones I used last year. I think that's why we missed some hook-ups also. Might have to change them out

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