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2nd Chance Legend Plow Auction / Bait Fish Fund

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The last Legend Plow auction for the Bait Fish Fund did so well,I thaught I would try a 2nd Chance Legend Plow Auction! This Legend Plow has caught a 50" X 26" muskie,but has little to no wear,its a proven fish catcher!

http://cgi.ebay.com/2nd-chance-Legend-P ... 27b1ab3567


Mostly Muskies Charters & Guide Service

Captain Larry Jones

Web Site: http://www.mostlymuskies.com

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Ray, Your the Man! Thanks for the Highest Bid So Far! Wait to you see the 3rd Auction that will run when this one is done,a Special Wiley Kowalski Jtd with Lazer Cut Stainless Metal Lip in 9$ Bass Color. Dale Wiley does not sell this version of the Wiley Kowalski to the public ,only to very close fiends and even then it may take a couple years to get one!

Capt. Larry

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I figured if you hadn't passed the $$ over the fence yet you'd try to get a plow out of the deal Gus. :lol:


Yes but not for me. I dont have the equipment to pull the danged old bait. :lol: I will donate it in some way!

$137 boys

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I decided to offer a few No-Knot Muskie Flurocarbon Leaders on eBay to benefit the Bait Fish Fund. For those who can not afford the high bidding cost of the Legend Plows can hit the Buy It Now button on the ebay No-Knot Muskie Leader listings and Donate $10 directly to the Baitfish Fund.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Musky-Muskie-No-Kno ... 27b1b5b5ca

I guess I better make up some more,this is the last one of the original six!

Thanks,Capt. Larry

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Capt. Larry,

Maybe you have something there. If I figure out how much I have in the lures in my boat, that I know (by experience) don't catch fish, $140 for one I know that does

looks to be a bargain!



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