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Big Jon Rod Holder Caps

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Update. Found them at Lord of the Riggers. Had the best price and shipping. He saved me a trip to the store. He doesn't have them on his website but responded immediately to an email. Great service and prices. Second time I've ordered from them.

BTW while looking for these on line I found out this happens more often than not. Found to either put some silicone caulk in the cap or the more robust solution is to take the caps off, wrap the tube where the cap fits over with electrical tape and then put glue on the tape and slide the caps over.

Thanks to all who responded. Always great advice here.


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I've lost two over the years and I spoke with Big Jon and they recommended Gorilla glue. I gently sand the tube to rough it up and I used the Gorilla glue and haven't lost any in three years.....just be careful and don't use too much of the glue or it will foam up when it dries and it pours out from the edges and looks bad.....

Good luck,

- Chris

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