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Show me the SHIZNIT please

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Here is the DW Regular version. We have been running the SS size. The SS size has SS on it instead of the DW. Billy V has the Regular size and he has been doing well with that one too. I can tell you that the whole West end of Lake O has zero, zip, nada of these as I went looking on Saturday. I only have two of them. My brother bought them because he said he liked the NAME! LOL I was on the phone with Andy Bliss last night and he has a dozen at Fat Nancy's if your interested.


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Interesting! Same spoon, but I'm sticking with the shiznit!

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I got some of these Salmon slayers last year, and they look like the Shiznit but I think the Shiznit might be a 'glow tip' version of it? Strange thing that the Shiznit is not listed in DW's own online store! What's up w/ that?

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It's right at the top of the Extended Glow & Target Tip Spoons page on the DW Site. I have the mag version of it. It has yet to pull a fish :@


Yo KGone, it is listed on the page you mention as a product on the web site, but I couldn't find it listed in the 'on line store' part of the site- only the 'salmon slayer' (something is 'phishy' about this spoon ;) -Andy)

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