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Hey guys,

My father and I are looking to head up to Henderson harbor for a few days, any reports for that area? Also how about the galoos? any words

We are wondering where to go, whether it be black river bay or capevincent, or henderson?

All information and reports are greatly appreciated!

we are after walleye/bass/np/muskie.

thanks in advance


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Well then what the hell are ya doing with that Salmon for yer picture? LOL

Just kidding. Thanks for starting this thread though. I'll likely be heading up there myself in a few weeks and as a first timer to Henderson, I could use some info. too. From what I have seen from past derbys and such, it looks like in-line planer boards with reef runner and thunderstick type of baits on the open water would be the way to go for the eyes.

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Well, I dont know what` they used yet but the team that finished first up there this weekend in the Masters Walleye Circuit whooped up on the field. They weighed 9 fish for thew 2 days totalling over 85 pounds and the 2nd place team weighed 5 total fish for 42 lbs. Thats the only thing I can tell ya. If you look at this link it might give you an idea of the numbers of fish being caught per angler. Best of luck to you and your father. http://www.liveleaderboard.com/llb.asp?t=249


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Guest ReelDiel

was up there from wed-sun here are the quickies.

Wed, headed to butterfield lake for some Largies did pretty well anywhere it was a wind blow cove and grass. a couple pike...lots of rockies hitting my jerkbaits and spinnerbaits, also caught the longest fish of my life a gar pike between 45-50" no big net, no digital camera and to boot the state record is 13lb 3oz and i can say this bad boy was awful close after about 5min next to the boat and me trying to get a grip on him he got the line and cut it. Very cool none the less if anyone else catches him they will know cuz my white strike king spinnerbait was jammend in the corner of his mouth pretty well

Thurs, fished chamount bay ....wow tons of dead fish every were mostly sunnies and rockies. pounded the shoreline and finally found some good holes of smallies. Couldnt keep the damn grass perch off my jerkbait. marking lots in 25-35 fow water couldnt get any bites. seen some guys practicing for MWC no nets moving. 2 weeks ago they were killing them of 3 mile pt. (walleye)

Friday, fished black river worked rock edges with small cranks and spinners i got a few my brother was flipping live minnows with a split shot and out fishing me 5:1 took a quick cruise to black river bay and cruised the north side lots of marks in 20-35 fow no takers

Sat, back to black river bay to try for walleye, promised my bro we would troll one day. Well we got zilch from 7-12. about 5 pros around us and we seen i netted in that area. Some charters were pounding the 15fow with small spoons and doing some what looked like small pike. Went back to camp drank, bar-b-que and drank more very fun weekend.

Sun, drive home my head hurts cheers.gif

side note on walleye on sat half the field did not even enter a fish i would assume the fish have moved out to the deeper holding spots for summer possibly off of greandier islands or the gallos or something. there were still walleyes in Black river bay but they were all small according to some second hand info. good luck

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A family obligation came up causing us to stay local. But still havin the time off was great cus I have fished pretty much everyday with my father, along with getting projects done that have built up. etc.

THanks for all the feedback and replies. Anyone doing any bass yet?

RD That sounds like a great trip you had! Thanks for the report. Hows the fishing out your way these days, hows the charter biz going?

To bad about that gar, those things are cool looking. Would have liked to seen a pic of that thing.

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